This is the second part. Let's continue talking about the 30 types of marigold that you should plant. The following content also has some reference value for raised garden beds.
1.Northento Lime Green African Calendula
Another light yellow to light green African marigold, Nosento Lime green, is one of the marigolds that brings subtle tones to the garden. Although 3-inch flowers may not produce much odor, you can still touch lemon scented leaves that grow up to 3 feet tall. Nosento Lime marigold seeds are also easily found at popular seed distributors!
2.Red Cherry French Calendula
Now that we have introduced several yellow and orange varieties, let's discuss one of the most dynamic varieties of French marigold - red cherry! Not only can you benefit from dwarf plants that grow no more than 10 inches tall, but you can also have beautiful red double flowers with a clearly yellow center. Used flowers are also easy to plant for the next season.
To give these vibrant flowers plenty of sunlight and dry soil, this long-blooming marigold variety will be staged between summer and the first frost. Red cherry is a low maintenance flower that is ideal for bed
Strawberry Blonde French Marigold
If you want a pink hue, strawberry blond hair is your perfect marigold. This dwarf marigold can be as tall as 8 to 10 inches, with lovely flowers that change color as the season changes. Cool weather brings a rich purple pink color, while warm weather brings yellow. No matter where you want to plant a raised marigold flower, this marigold flower is perfect for growing in wet soil and provides a soft sunset color to the garden.
4.Inca primrose African calendula
Similar to Inca Signals, this plant with large flowers grows to a slightly smaller size of 12 inches. This plant has fewer flowers than the Inca Indian variety, but is much larger, opening up to 4 inches wide. Inca primroses are known for their heat resistance and the sun effect they bring to containers and garden beds.
5.Tiger Eye French Calendula
If you like interesting flowers, Tiger Eye is perfect. On a chestnut base with more sparse petals, there are completely double flowers, with a chrysanthemum-like orange color at the top, which will definitely bring some uniqueness to the planting space. This heirloom is up to 12 inches tall and has an equally wide spread. These amazing flowers are about two inches in diameter.
6.French Marigold Hero
Another super short member of the Tagetes patula species, the little hero is no more than 8 inches tall. The pale yellow flowers bloom in thinner leaves than normal, creating a golden ocean. This border plant can also adapt well to small containers, making it very suitable for small space gardeners and container bed
7.Irish lace American marigold
This American marigold is not actually from one of the four species we discussed in the type section, but rather a part of the marigold species. These flowers are mainly composed of fern-like leaves, with very small white spots dotted with green flowers. This marigold has a strong leaf aroma and taste, and is commonly used in tea and food flavorings.
Jedi African Calendula
Want a big orange pompon? The Jedi have covered you. These giants can grow to about 4 feet at full maturity, and each flower can open 6 inches! Contrary to the semi unpleasant odor that African people produce, they have a strong lemon flavor. These marigolds are more used for display and smell than for making food, and they are perfect for the border of the back garden.
9.Fireball French Marigold
If you want a smaller plant and cannot make a decision between orange, red, or any color in between, you should try planting Fireball Calendula. Although this plant is small and can grow up to 12 inches, its flowers are 2.5 inches wide. Sow these with contrasting colors to create a lovely deep orange pop.
10.Vanilla African Calendula
Vanilla is not as stunning as lemon gemstones, but it adds another subtle yellow color to the planting area. Cream yellow spherical flowers grow on upright leaves up to 12 inches tall. Like other light yellow flowers, this flower is not as fragrant as its dark green leaves and exudes a sweet and fennel like aroma.
Southern Cone Marigold
The southern cone comes from Tagetes minuta. Another type of marigold, with dense leaves and sparse white flowers, is native to southern South America, but has now been introduced worldwide. The Mayan Kechua people usually use it for medical purposes. They sprinkle this herb in tea, cooking, and medicine.
Although its flowers are small, its branches are as high as 2 meters. Plant it as a precious herb in your cottage garden and use its leaves to flavor food and tea. These flowers can also be used as fillers for flower arranging.
Zenith Marigold
This is a triploid hybrid suitable for those who cannot decide what color they want. Carnation shaped flowers have two colors: orange and yellow. With a standard height of 14 inches, you will feel like you have grown a somewhat traditional marigold plant. If you let them wither in the summer, you will get more golden and bronze crackles in autumn, just in time for the harvest bed
Nema Control Marigold
Nema control is specially bred for controlling root knot nematodes, and is also very cute on the ground! These yellow pillow shaped flowers are best planted as mulch crops in the first two seasons of planting nightshade crops that are susceptible to nematodes. They can also be planted in these crops for pest control in the next season.
Golden Guardian Calendula
This breed is highly similar to Nema Control in stature and color. They can all grow up to two feet tall and have small flowers of two inches. The success rate of controlling nematodes for this special species over a period of 3 months is 99%. The small flowers on upright stems will definitely bring joy and peace to your garden!
15.Kilimanjaro white African marigold
Mount Kilimanjaro Calendula has an unusual creamy double flower, which has taken 21 years to cultivate! two ½ "Inch flowers are ideal for planting in flower beds and flower arrangements.". Their cultivation brings a sweeter aroma and a slightly bitter taste of pepper than other marigolds. Growers from all over North America have successfully planted Mount Kilimanjaro.

March 28, 2023

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