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Garden Bed Covers

These specialized covers help protect young plants and seedlings from extreme weather conditions,
providing a cozier growing environment. A perfect complement for your garden beds.

Arch Frame with Mesh Netting

✔ Superfine mesh with strong wear & tear resistance
✔ Protects plants from damage by birds and pests
✔ The arch frame can be used independently
✔ Mesh netting is permeable and breathable

Green House White PE Cover

✔ Zippered door for easy plant management
✔ High-quality and durable PE cover
✔ Withstands harsh weather conditions
✔ Provides ample sunlight

More Than Just Durability

No Maintenance Needed: Staying free from rot and mold.
Safety Assurance: 100% guarantee of safety—no toxins, no chemical leaching.
Eco-Friendly Excellence: Savana materials are recyclable, making them the green choice.

Savana Garden Beds

Food Grade

Sturdy, can be used for decades.
Safety guaranteed, free from toxic substances.
Galvanized steel material, extremely corrosion-resistant.

Portable & Versatile Design

Savana beds work on any surface, providing easy control over your soil conditions.


Gardeners Love SAVANA

4.9 star rating ( 1880 Reviews )

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Why Use Savana Raised Garden Beds?


Savana raised garden beds gives you
full control over the soil condition & provides the ideal
environment for healthy plants to grow.