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Savana garden beds come in a variety of sizes.

You can personally customize to fit any garden space.

ECO Friendly


Tired of replacing your garden bed every 5 years as they rot out? Or worried about the toxicity of treated lumber & plastic?
Savana’s Food Grade Metal Garden Bed is The Solution.

Savana Garden Beds

Food Grade

Premium-grade hybrid
metals consisting of aluminum and zinc that is perfect for garden beds due to
its corrosion- and rust-resistant nature. Best of all, it is made from recycled

Garden Bed Covers

These specialized covers help protect young plants and seedlings from extreme weather conditions,
providing a cozier growing environment. A perfect complement for your garden beds.

Bird-proof gauze cover system

This product can effectively protect from bird, animal and provide shade. At the same time, it is permeable and breathable for sufficient rain and air to flow through.

Green House PE Cover

This high-quality, frost-resistant, & sun-protective, long-lasting PE cover not only protects from harsh weather, snow, rain and wind, but also allows in enough sunshine.

Why Use Savana Raised Garden Beds?


Savana raised garden beds gives you
full control over the soil condition & provides the ideal
environment for healthy plants to grow.

Featured Collections

Savana offers a wide selection of garden beds and gardening-related accessories.
Built with a beautiful design & reliable quality, so you can enjoy gardening with greater satisfaction.

Portable & Versatile Design

Savana garden beds can be placed on nearly any type of surface, including: dirt, gravel, bark, grass, and even concrete!
At the same time, you have complete control over the soil & moisture condition. The perfect
solution for yards with poor soil quality that otherwise would not be conducive for gardening.


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