There are so many types of marigold that family gardeners can use that it may be difficult to know where to start! People grow marigold for many reasons. They are good companions in the annual vegetable garden because they can attract beneficial insects.The following content also has some reference value for raised garden beds.
Calendula is not only a beautiful flower, but also used in the culinary arts. For centuries, they have been considered medicinal plants by the indigenous peoples of Central America. Calendula is the leading factory for the production of natural yellow dyes. Calendula blooms during the season commonly considered the world's seasonal gap.
You may wonder, which marigold is the best? What kind of marigold is suitable for gardening? Okay, don't worry, because we'll cover this and the 30 most amazing varieties of bed
Marigold varieties
Let's discuss the specific varieties of marigold. We have collected a list of 30 varieties for you to choose from.
1.Crackerjack African Marigold
Marigold seeds include a combination of yellow and orange, with petal arrangements. These plants produce large flowers on the vegetation, reaching 2 to 3 feet tall and 1 to 2 feet wide when mature. They are suitable for all USDA planting areas and bloom in the summer until the first frost.
2.Phyllis African Calendula
This African marigold has striking slender, clustered petals that look like chrysanthemums. These plants are two feet tall and one foot wide.
3.The most popular French calendula
If you want to try growing marigold, but don't know which one to choose, there are many French marigold plants to choose from. The flowers of this mixture of single flowered plants range from gold to yellow, red, and bicolored. The small size of this mixture, which is only 10 to 12 inches, is ideal for those who are just starting to grow marigold.
4.Lemon drops French calendula
If you want to grow a strong French marigold in your garden, and yellow is your preferred color, Lemon Drop won't disappoint you. Even smaller than the 6 to 12 inch tall mixture we just discussed, these compact plants' double yellow flowers actually occupy their dark green leaves. These marigolds are perfect for containers and small jars.
5.French Marigold
These interesting garden marigolds have flowers similar to tickseed, with a deep chestnut color in the center and a yellow edge. This species of dense plant blooms 2 inches in summer, continuing until the first frost. For those who want to plant the eye-catching French marigold in their gardens, this is a good variety.
6.Red deformed French calendula
This French marigold variety has bright chestnut flowers on its sturdy stems. In warm weather, the petals will splash with yellow spots, and when the weather gets cold, the spots will deform and disappear! As a variety up to 2 to 3 feet tall, it can be used at the boundary of a vegetable garden or cottage garden.
7.Lemon Gem Print Marigold
Perhaps you want to plant small flowers of a printed variety in your garden, but you don't know what to choose. This gem mixture is perfect for you! Its flowers are red, yellow, and orange. A seed produces a dense plant that is relatively short and about 12 inches tall. Plants with red flowers sometimes have yellow bed
8.Lemon Gem and Orange Gem Signet Marigold
Similar to the last seal mixture we came into contact with, lemon and orange gemstones provide two colors, bright yellow and copper orange. This pair of special gemstone plants like the ample sunlight and dry soil in a rock garden. They are even smaller than the last gemstone mixture, reaching only 8 to 12 inches at maturity.
9.Mexico Taragon Signage Calendula
This marigold, also known as Mexican mint marigold, has a striking spicy tarragon flavor, compared to the anise in the leaves. Tagetes lucida is not from one of the above species, but is the botanical name of Mexican marigold. This marigold should have a place in your vanilla garden, reaching 1 to 2 feet tall and about 13 inches wide.
10.Safari Scarlet French Marigold
Safari Scarlet's flowers are perfect for cutting flowers, with a gold edge and a red center. This dwarf variety can be up to 10 inches tall and is commonly used for trimming, bedding, and even in containers around gardens. Although some marigolds like wet weather, they need well drained soil.
11.Inca Yellow Sign Calendula
If you want the golden ocean of pompompoms, the Inca Yellow is your marigold! These can grow up to 16 inches at full maturity, producing delicate fern like leaves. Although they are imprinted and usually smaller, the double flowers of this variety can grow up to 4 inches wide. Young plants tend to have brighter yellow flowers that turn golden when they mature.
12.Mary Helen African Marigold
Another bright golden variety, Mary Helen's marigold, measures up to 3 feet tall and 1 foot wide. The flowers of these pompous flowers are similar to those of the Inca yellow flowers, growing on thick leather leaves. Flat flowers are very large, making them ideal for trimming, matching planting, and container placement.
13.Explore Yellow and Explore Orange African Calendula
If you like the idea of Inca Yellow or Mary Helen, but you need a dwarf breed, exploring Yellow is a good choice. With a height of 10 inches and yellow pompous flowers, Discovery is a good container plant, even a companion plant that borders your vegetable garden. Although the plant is small, the diameter of the flowers still reaches 2.5 inches.
This orange version of marigold is like exploring yellow. Basically, every feature of this plant is the same: its short stature (up to 10 inches), and its flowers are 2 ½ Inches, with double pommel shaped flowers. It provides the same foreground for your garden, including slight changes in color, featuring bed
14.Sweet Cream African Calendula
This is a more subtle marigold hue than most marigold. Due to their pale yellow and off-white flowers, these plants are known as sweet cream and grow anywhere from 14 to 18 inches tall. These large flowers have a width of 3 inches, but due to the need for careful cultivation, they have no odor. They are also some of the more difficult to find marigolds.
15.Mr. Majestic Double French Marigold
Now that we have come into contact with more subtle colors, let's return to the intensity emitted by Mr. Majestic's small flowers. These plants dot the garden with chestnut and yellow flowers with prominent stamens in the center. They are particularly suitable for blocking those root knot nematodes. With this French marigold figure, you can expect very large flowers that are 2 inches wide.

March 28, 2023

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