Safe and non-toxic material

When building our products, SAVANA does the heavy lifting for you. Before an item makes it to your home, it must first pass quality tests and our final stamp of approval. Every step of a product counts, and we never compromise high-quality.

Sustainable and ecological, organic gardening.

As a gardener, creating garden beds can be expensive. Savana beds are 1/4 the cost of your traditional garden beds. They're also sustainable, which is great for your money, and the environment!
A hugelkultur bed is created from Savana Garden Beds


Sturdy thick metal frame with grooves made with durable zinc-aluminum coating lasts up to 20 years, making our galvanized garden boxes 5x more durable than plastic or wooden garden boxes.

Zinc-aluminum coating is also weather-resistant and anti-rust, so that your raised garden beds will remain new-looking for many years to come!

Our galvanized metal material also helps reflect high heat, keeping your plants cool while keeping the soil's water level stable