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Create your dream garden with Savana's space saving galvanized raised garden bed and start growing all your favorite vegetables, fruits, herbs, and seasonal flowers today!

Easy Installation

Due to the metal material, it is highly recommended that you wear gloves and shoes that cover over the toes while installing to prevent unnecessary injuries.

Each raised garden bed set comes with protective rubber strips that can be easily installed onto the edges of the planter box for added safety while you garden or when children and elderly ones are nearby.

Product Features

garden bed form & function

Upgraded Design

Savana's raised garden boxes feature a socket that also allows you to install optional arched poles (not included), so you can opt to cover your raised metal garden boxes with various types of protective netting or mesh shade plant covers to protect your garden box from frost-freeze, pests, birds, and more!

Size Options

Our raised garden beds are available in 3 sizes and 2 colors to choose from. The sizes are: 48"x 36"x 24", 72"x 36"x 24, and 96"x 48"x 17". In addition, our garden bed is made with environmental friendly materials that can be recycled. Create your dream garden with Savana's space saving galvanized raised garden bed!

Reinforced Supports

Savana's galvanized raised garden beds are specifically designed for better drainage and root growth for plants, especially idea for growing deep-rooted fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, pumpkin, etc. The added height of our raised garden bed also helps reduce strain on your back from stooping over while gardening and can help protect your plants from animals.