What are people who grow vegetables for one year, three years and five years


After communicating with friends of different ages, I got these summaries. Let's see if you've been shot.For those who don't have time or can't stick to growing vegetables, take a look. You may be missing out on the most wonderful thing in the world...The following content also has some reference value for raised garden beds.






Plant vegetables for 1 year


In my spare time, I no longer indulge in playing games, playing majiang and watching all kinds of bubble dramas. Instead, I gradually transfer my spare time to running various dishes and joining various food groups or forums.


Plant vegetables for 3 years


Can easily identify a variety of dishes, know a variety of vegetable knowledge, skills, like to try to plant some novel, difficult vegetables, a lot of long-term family vegetables, will also cook greatly.


Grow vegetables for 5 years


I know the needs of all kinds of vegetables at home. I have all kinds of seeds in the cupboard and all kinds of ingredients in the garden.


No longer satisfied with the ability to grow vegetables, but the pursuit of how to grow more beautiful, more beautiful...


In addition to growing vegetables, or cooking talent, and gradually to horticulture talent development.





Caring temperament


Plant vegetables for 1 year


Your partner may still look on from the sidelines and not object to your growing, but it's still a minority who help you with your cooking.


But I have a lot of fun and passion, and I treat all kinds of plants more carefully than I treat children, and I love them very much...


Plant vegetables for 3 years


Other members of the family are gradually attracted to the garden and enjoy the harvest together.

Caring is the unique spiritual temperament of vegetable growers. After 3 years of planting vegetables in the general family, the body shape, skin, mentality and spirit will change and develop towards more and more green and healthy direction. The mental outlook of the whole person will be different, even the footsteps are very vigorous, light.


Grow vegetables for 5 years


Plant protection, environmental protection, energy saving, kitchen waste utilization...... As long as it is related to environmental public welfare activities will be actively involved.


Long-term planting of vegetables will make my personality gentle, not angry and patient. I will consider others' feelings and become tolerant, easy-going and optimistic. This positive attitude will also infect my family and friends.




Living habit


Plant vegetables for 1 year


Unconsciously, every morning and evening to inspect the dishes, what kitchen waste to throw away, the first thought is can be used in vegetables.


Some of the dishes grown can satisfy the daily consumption of the family, while others need to be purchased. But when buying food, I always unconsciously worry about whether the food is playing pesticide, whether it is using chemical fertilizer... And they will no longer buy only good-looking food as before, knowing that the better-looking food may contain more pesticides or hormones. Usually try not to buy food is not to buy, really can not go to the supermarket or market to buy.


Plant vegetables for 3 years


Morning and evening inspection, take care of dishes, kitchen waste, waste to make full use of it has become a daily habit.

Home-grown dishes, the number of basic enough for daily consumption at home, usually rarely go to buy food. They have their own plans for the ingredients they should eat every day, and what kind of food to plant in different months and seasons. At ordinary times, I often invite my relatives, friends or neighbors to play in my garden, and occasionally send some vegetables to them to share the harvest fun.


Grow vegetables for 5 years


Many friends around him have also been brought into the vegetable army, usually with the exchange and share vegetable planting experience, fun.

I can not only reasonably arrange my daily life, but also make a good rest, diet and planting plan for my relatives and friends. I am familiar with the nutrients contained in various vegetable ingredients, and pay more attention to the green and healthy slow life.





Circle of friends


Plant vegetables for 1 year


When you go out to a party or have fun with your friends, when your friends hear that you are growing your own vegetables at home, there will be all kinds of gossip, all kinds of curiosity, and even some will contradict and disapprove. Some of the things you do, such as digging in the suburbs and collecting rubbish that can be used to grow vegetables, are crazy and incredible.


Plant vegetables for 3 years


Your friends are so used to some of your crazy gardening that they even offer to collect it for you.

We'll get together in your garden once in a while and even do some picking and barbecuing.

Many of your friends will slowly start to follow your example and start growing vegetables at home.


Grow vegetables for 5 years


Most of my friends around me have gradually become family vegetable lovers. Some of them have joined the family after discovering the benefits of planting vegetables under your influence, and some of them have become good friends because of planting vegetables. You often discuss new vegetable varieties, solutions to problems encountered in growing vegetables, how to combine them with the most nutritious and delicious food, and which shopping platforms can buy the most authentic seeds and tools......

April 19, 2023

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