With climate change and the challenges facing agriculture, raised gardens beds are getting more attention. Because of their convenience and efficiency, they are increasingly being chosen by many professional farmers, as well as by those who do not have designated growing areas in urban areas.

Raised gardens bed is a form of gardening that uses enclosed soil in Spaces that are usually four feet wide. This containment allows the soil to rise above the ground or surrounding soil and stabilizes the temperature of the soil. In addition, this prevents the roots of the plant from being stepped on, which greatly affects the growth of the plant.

raised garden bed

Because of its size, plants are planted closer together, but there is enough space to avoid leaves touching each other once the plants are fully grown. This helps better hold water in the soil and inhibits weed growth.With all these advantages and the right gardening process, the planting season of plants in elevated garden beds will be extended.

Type of raised garden bed
For those who aspire to grow their own plants at home, building a raised garden bed is indeed an ideal thing to do. However, if you want to determine which is best for you, you must understand the types of loft bed gardens.

Container loft bed

If you are wondering how to make this type of raised garden bed. Remember, give it walls 10 to 27 inches high. This will provide you with a waist-high garden bed plan. The main purpose of this type of elevated bed is to protect plants in areas that are usually heavily trafficked. This prevents children and animals from destroying the legion, thus better protecting the plants. Also, given the height of its walls, the soil doesn't heat up as quickly, which can cause stress between plants.

raised garden bed

Elevated bed

This is the simplest of all the bed types, making it the easiest DIY elevated garden bed for anyone. Here, you don't need any materials other than extra soil. Simply introduce additional soil and shape your bed or dig and remove from the path between the beds you will be making. While this offers great convenience and zero cost, it protects your crops poorly, especially when it comes to draining excess water and possibly being damaged by stray animals.

Propped rise
This bed provides you with something that is lacking in a raised floor bed. In this process, you "edge" your bed by using a frame made of stone, brick, wood, or plastic to provide a barrier. The material separates the bed from the rest of the garden or lawn

The Elevated Garden Project

There are different types of elevated garden bed plans, and learning about each is the best way to know what best suits your needs. With that in mind, here are some of the most basic loft bed garden plans you might want to consider for your next garden project.

raised garden bed

2x2 overhead planter

Given its size, it can be suitable for any type of garden, even those with limited space. With this, you can use it for flowers and herbs near the window so that you can access them easily.

Herbal wheel planter

This raised garden bed idea is best for those who like to do DIY raised beds. Here, you get a hexagonal bed with six cavities for plants. While this provides an excellent aesthetic for your garden, keep in mind that it will give you a smaller planting space.

Multilevel or layered garden bed

This type of elevated garden bed provides all the conveniences your plants need. This also provides a better environment for your crops, as you can provide excellent protection for stray animals and the heat of the sun. Given that its structure consists of multiple layers, you can choose to provide cool shade for cool-season plants (the lower layer) or expose summer plants to sunlight (the upper layer).

Vertical garden

Like the raised garden bed plan for multilevel garden beds, this also allows you to plant vertically. This can be installed inside the house by attaching the container to the wall. With this, you can grow a variety of herbs of your choice at home, giving you easy access to all herbs when you need them.

Cinder block loft bed

Of all the raised garden bed ideas, this is one of the simplest. In contrast to previous plans that required measuring and cutting wood and other materials, you can do this easily by placing cinder blocks on a flat surface and placing raised garden bed soil into the space made up of blocks

March 15, 2023

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