Are you interested in spring garden cleaning, but don't know where to start? Do you think spring cleaning takes too much time, effort and effort? Do you want a better spring garden? If you answered yes, read on! After years of gardening and garden cleaning, I created a spring garden cleaning list.The following content also has some reference value for raised garden beds.

Clean up your garden: Spring is the best time to clean up your garden. Clean up your garden by removing fallen leaves, dead branches and other litter.

Tilling the soil: Tilling the soil over the flower bed makes the soil looser for planting new plants.

Prune your plants: Spring is a great time to prune your plants. Here are some common pruning methods:

Remove dead and diseased branches: Keep plants healthy by trimming away dead and diseased parts of them with pruning scissors. Pruning branches that are too tall or too dense: If the branches of a plant are too tall or too dense, the growth and beauty of the plant will be affected. Using pruning shears, trim the branches to the desired height and density. Cut the length of branches: For some plants with excessively long branches, the length of the branches can be reduced appropriately to promote the growth of branches and new shoots. Lodging branch treatment: For lodging branches, a portion can be pruned away and straightened back to keep the plant beautiful and healthy. Removing flowers, buds, and fruit: For some floral plants, removing flowers, buds, and fruit can promote growth and flowering.

It is important to note that different plants need different pruning methods and timing, so it is important to understand the characteristics of plants and pruning techniques before proceeding. At the same time, use sharp clippers to make sure the clipping is good. Prune branches that are too tall or too dense before the plant begins to grow to promote healthy growth.

Check irrigation system: Check sprinkler heads and pipes for breakage or blockage to ensure normal operation of irrigation system.


Add fertilizer: Adding proper fertilizer in the spring can promote plant growth and flowering.


Planting: Plant suitable flowers or vegetables in the spring to make the garden more beautiful and colorful.


Weeding: timely removal of weeds, so as not to affect the growth and beauty of plants.


Repot: If plants are grown and need to be repotted, give them plenty of room to grow.


Add new plants to your garden: Add color and sparkle to your garden by adding new plants to your garden.


Add color to your garden: Adding color to your garden can attract butterflies and other insects and make it more vibrant.


Do some gardening decorations: Adding gardening decorations to your garden can add interest and make it more beautiful.


Water Your plants: Plants grow rapidly in the spring and need to be kept well hydrated.


Do some pruning and laying out: Pruning and laying out plants can make the garden neater and more organized.


Do some greenery: Adding greenery to your garden can add a natural touch.


Add fragrance to your garden: Adding fragrant plants to your garden can increase the smell of your garden and make it feel pleasant and relaxing.

March 16, 2023

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