In the hot and dry summer, many garden owners face the same problem: how to maintain the beauty and vitality of the garden under dry conditions? Fortunately, there are many drought tolerant plants that can thrive in environments with limited water resources. This article will introduce ten ideal drought resistant plants that are suitable for planting on garden beds. They not only save water resources, but also add color and charm to your garden.The following content also has some reference value for raised garden beds.


1 Succulent plant (Crassula spp.)


Succulent plants are among the best drought tolerant plants. They have thick leaves that can store water and adapt to drier environments. Common succulent plants such as jade, cactus, and turtle back bamboo are not only beautiful but also easy to manage.


2 Iris spp


Iris is a beautiful and drought resistant floral plant. They have tough rhizomes that can store water and thrive in hot summers. Iris flowers are diverse and rich, with a variety of colors and flower shapes to choose from.

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3 Sword leaf plant (Yucca spp.)


Sword leaf plants are a type of plant with hard, succulent leaves that have excellent adaptability and can survive in extremely dry environments. Sword leaf plants have a unique appearance and are often used as focal plants in gardens.


4 Lavandula spp


Zijiao Flower is a drought resistant aromatic plant known for its beautiful flowers and fragrant aroma. They like sunny environments and are very adaptable to dry conditions. The flowers of Zijiao flowers can be used to make fragrant bags, essential oils, and bouquets, adding a charming atmosphere to the garden.


5 Luffa spp


Luffa vine is a fast-growing vine plant with drought and heat resistance characteristics. Luffa vines can crawl on garden beds, providing cool shade and producing delicious luffa as an additional harvest.

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6 Nandina domestica


Nantianzhu is an evergreen shrub with beautiful red or purple leaves that can maintain a vibrant color even under drought conditions. Nantianzhu is well adapted to dry soil and sunny environments, making it an ideal choice for garden beds.

7 Ophiogon japonicus


Maidong is a tough ground cover plant suitable for planting on garden beds. It has dense green leaves and purple flowers, which can effectively maintain soil moisture and can grow under dry conditions.


8 Agapanthus spp


Grassland emerald is a perennial herbaceous plant with long and thin leaves and beautiful blue or white flowers. Grassland emerald has strong adaptability to dry and hot climate conditions, making it an ideal choice for drought resistant garden beds.


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9 Petunia minor


Petunia is a low ground cover plant that can thrive under drought conditions. They have beautiful blue or purple flowers that can effectively cover the soil of garden beds and do not require excessive water resources.

10 Oenothera spp


Evening primrose is a beautiful summer flower with bright yellow or pink flowers. They have strong adaptability to drought conditions and can bloom charming flowers in hot summers.



The ten drought resistant plants listed above are suitable for planting on garden beds, as they can thrive in limited water resources, adding color and charm to the garden. Choosing these drought resistant plants not only saves water resources, but also creates a beautiful and pleasant environment for your garden. Whether you are in urban or rural areas, drought resistant plants are the ideal choice for creating sustainable gardens. Let's embrace a water-saving and environmentally friendly lifestyle together, and inject vitality and vitality into our garden.

May 22, 2023

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