Organic manure is an environmentally friendly and nutrient-rich fertilizer option that is essential for growing healthy, high-yielding vegetables. However, when using organic manure to grow vegetables, we can't ignore the following problems, which need to be treated carefully and dealt with properly.The following content also has some reference value for raised garden beds.


Quality of organic manure: The quality of organic manure has a great influence on plant growth. The use of low-quality organic manure can result in the fertilizer containing harmful substances or microbial pathogens, which poses risks to vegetable growth and human health. Therefore, we should choose reliable brands or suppliers when buying organic fertilizers and ensure that they meet the national organic certification standards.


Fertilizer ratio and application amount: organic fertilizer can be divided into solid organic fertilizer and liquid organic fertilizer two categories, according to the convenience of fertilization, general solid organic fertilizer is suitable for base fertilizer, liquid organic fertilizer is suitable for topdressing.

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So in the purchase or homemade organic fertilizer, think in advance is used for topdressing or base fertilizer is necessary. When fertilizing, if as the base fertilizer: organic fertilizer evenly mixed in the soil can be. For topdressing: Dig a small pit next to the vegetables, apply the fertilizer into it, and then cover with soil. It is also important to pour some water after covering the soil. Reasonable fertilizer ratio and application amount is the key to ensure the healthy growth of vegetables. Different kinds of vegetables have different nutrient requirements, so we need to adjust the amount and proportion of organic fertilizer application according to the variety and growth stage of vegetables. Excessive use of organic fertilizer may lead to excess nutrients, increase the decomposition rate of organic matter in soil, and affect soil quality.


Composting of organic manure: The production of organic manure requires the composting process, which is the process of breaking down organic waste into fertilizer. Factors such as temperature, humidity and ventilation during composting will affect the quality and maturity of organic manure. If the composting process is not done properly, it may produce foul odor and harmful gases, affecting the surrounding environment and people's health. Therefore, proper practices should be followed during the composting process and ensure that the compost is stored in the appropriate location. When storing the organic fertilizer that can not be used up, it should be stored in a low temperature, dry place and away from light. For example, it can be stored in a cool place with a black sealed bag. Organic fertilizer is easy to caking or deterioration after moisture or water, so that the fertilizer effect is greatly reduced.

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Sustainable supply of organic fertilizers: Sustainable supply of organic fertilizers is an important issue in the process of growing vegetables. Since the production of organic fertilizer takes time, we need to plan ahead and reserve enough organic fertilizer to meet the needs of vegetable growth. At the same time, we can also take measures such as introducing biofertilizers or planting green manure crops to provide additional nutrients and ensure the stability and continuity of vegetable growth.


Soil biodiversity and health: When using organic manure to grow vegetables, we can't just focus on plant nutrients


Supply, as well as soil biodiversity and health. Soil microorganisms, earthworms and other organisms play an important role in soil aeration, water retention and nutrient cycling. Therefore, we need to take measures such as proper crop rotation, not over-ploughing and enhanced soil protection to maintain soil biodiversity and health.

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The use of organic fertilizers is essential to growing healthy vegetables, but we can't ignore these issues in the process of growing vegetables. By focusing on the quality, application and proportion of organic fertilizers, the composting process, the continuous supply, and the biodiversity and health of the soil, we can ensure that vegetables are grown in a good environment and produce healthy, safe produce. It is also in line with the concept of sustainable agriculture, which provides us with healthier and more sustainable food choices.

May 20, 2023

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