The most durable raised garden bed is right for you, the serious gardener, or the smart beginner.

Tired of replacing your garden bed frame every 5 years because they rot? Worried about the toxicity of treated wood and plastic? Non-toxic and durable green Spaces are the solution.

Focus on planting and harvesting for decades instead of changing seedbeds every few years.

raised garden bed

You're a gardener, a gardener who's been around for a long time. Gardening is an important part of your life. It nourishes your body, mind and spirit. You know the benefits of raised bed gardening, but have been wondering, "What do I use to build my bed?" We have the answer, durable Green Bed Raised Bed Garden Kit. Available in 1 foot and 2 foot tall models, 4x4, 4x8 and 4x12 size raised bed kits, and custom options, these beds make your raised bed garden manageable and beautiful

What is the best raised bed kit on the market.

The durable GreenBed Raised Garden Bed Kit is the most beautiful and unique raised bed on the market today. This is a heavy duty product that has been well thought out and designed to stand the test of time.

Composite materials do not rot

The siding is made from a processed wood shavings and cement composite known as Faswall, a breathable material that can withstand extreme weather changes and conditions and still look great. Tested in all climates. The walls are breathable, but repel slugs. With good soil air circulation, yields tend to be quite high for intensive gardening, such as square foot gardening.

raised garden bed

Sustainable, non-toxic and recyclable

They are green, made from 100% non-toxic and highly recycled materials, and last more than 25 years longer than any wood, plastic or metal garden bed. Made in the USA

Why the enduring green space?

These are the top 9 reasons for the best value and performance raised beds on the market today.

This is the last lift bed you will need to install. Most beds don't last! Or, they may last but look tired after a few years. The durable green bed will last over 25 years and look great in the process! We cultivate beds that do not rot, crack, flake, rust or crumble. Our wood shaft-concrete composite passed ASTM C-666 300 cycle freeze-thaw test without cracking and decomposition. Truly a unique ideal garden bed material. More on how a durable green bed is non-toxic compared to a traditional wooden frame bed.

Gardeners have been concerned about chemicals leaching into the soil from some raised bed material, which could allow plants to absorb chemicals into plant tissues. With durable GreenBed components, you will have nothing to worry about. The panels are mineralized wood and Portland cement, the brackets are aluminum baking paint, and the cedar trim is finished with biopermeable dyes, using citrus oil as the paint carrier. Harvest your plants and don't worry about contamination.

raised garden bed

Breathable. Our side walls are breathable and drain well if you overwater or get a lot of rain, but they don't absorb water. Water easily passes through wood, which increases soil moisture loss from wood beds. Durable green bed panels do not absorb water, which helps maintain proper soil moisture, thus reducing irrigation. The porous green bed wall also brings needed oxygen to the root zone. Oxygen to the root zone causes air to prune the root tips, stimulating fine hair root development. It is the tiny root hairs that carry nutrients from the soil to the plant. Gardeners who use durable green beds report better plant vitality compared to other beds. This exchange of oxygen into the root zone may be responsible for the extra vitality.

Our raised beds can be placed anywhere in your outdoor space - on your patio, on your grass, or even on a properly protected wooden porch. Handsome designs fit most traditional to modern house designs, and they're attractive enough to appeal to your front yard. It has been described as the most attractive convex wake-up kit on the market.

Comfortable top trim width. The wider top trim makes for a more comfortable seat at a full 3½ "width. Especially in our 2 foot high bed, you can sit up easily.

Repels slugs. Slugs are repelled by the rough texture of durable green bed panels, keeping these voracious feeders away from your flowers and food crops.

Quick and easy assembly. Whoever is going to install your lasting green bed will appreciate the simple steps to get your bed ready to fill and plant. Most models are set up within 1 hour to provide site preparation. Each kit comes ready for assembly. No need to cut. Even the trim is pre-drilled with mounting screws. Full color step by step instruction sheet included for easy assembly. All you need is a level place to put durable green space, a hammer, tape measure, a cordless drill, a quarter inch nut driver and crosshead, and a socket wrench for a quarter inch socket.

March 04, 2023

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