According to your sugar beet planting goals, there are many varieties of sugar beets that can be planted. This herbaceous plant is known for its cold resistance, making it an excellent choice for early spring gardens as the weather is still cool and unpredictable. You may want to plant beets in your garden, but what variety should you choose?The following content also has some reference value for raised garden beds.


This variety has a perfect flavor regardless of size. Fresh beets have a smooth and round skin with few root hairs. These types of beets grow rapidly and ripen early.

Golden Beet/Yellow Beet

For those who enjoy avoiding red stains on their hands, cutting boards, and other kitchen surfaces during processing and/or cooking, golden beets are a great choice. In addition, compared to traditional red beets, golden beets also have a milder taste.


This golden variety is always delicious. They have deep yellow, orange, and circular roots, with yellow stems and a light green top at the top. When juicing or cutting into salads, they are sweet and delicious to roast.


The flesh of this beet is golden yellow, and the leaves are bright green, which is amazing. They taste mild and are a good choice for those who do not like traditional unfashionable red beets. It can produce sturdy stems and delicious green vegetables, which can be well preserved after bed

Golden Detroit

It is said that this heirloom variety is one of the sugar beet varieties with the best yield and flavor. It has smooth orange skin and a golden interior. It is sweet and has a milder taste than Detroit's deep red. Green vegetables are also delicious when cooked in stir fry.


Mango beet, also known as Mangelworzel, Mango beet, Field beet, Feed beet, or Rare Root, was a livestock feed crop developed in Germany in the 18th century. If you plant beets as cover crop to help aerate the soil, these types of beets are useful, but they are also delicious. Their leaves are tender green and have a delicious taste.

Touchstone Gold

These types of beets have a deep orange rind and bright yellow flesh. They can still maintain their color after cooking. Compared to other classic red varieties, the advantage of choosing this variety is that you don't have to deal with dyed hands, cutting boards, and potential clothes!

Bobby's Gold

This heirloom variety was developed by the Burby Seed Company in the 1940s. It has a sweeter and milder taste that can be harvested early. This variety will mature in 55 days, which is faster than testing Jinshi Gold.

Multicolored beet

Although there are many different varieties to choose from, the colorful beets add visual interest to your garden. Moreover, when the beautiful patterns appear inside the beet slices, it is so satisfying!

Chioggia Company

If you are interested in heirloom varieties, you can try Chioggia beets! As a personal favorite, it is sometimes referred to as cow's eye beet or candy cane beet because it has red and white stripes inside.

Chioggia beets have a light red skin, with a light stem and light green leaves at the top. Crispy green vegetables can be harvested in about 50 days. Leave 2/3 to help the beetroot continue to ripen.

Their gentle taste makes them winners, even for those who claim to dislike the taste of beets. In addition to their taste, their internal color is also amazing, and when cut into thin slices on mandolin, they can add a delicate flavor to your salad. However, the stripes will fade with cooking.

White type beets

White beet varieties are also known as albino beets or beets because they are sweeter than red, gold, and multicolored beets. The sugar in these beets is extracted in roughly the same way as the sugar in sugarcane, resulting in a product that is difficult to bed


As its name implies, these beets have milky white roots and the interior is as white as snow! They have the sweet taste of classic red beets, but no bitter earthy taste. Avalanche beets are perfect for eating raw in summer salads.

Detroit White

This variety is similar to dark red Detroit beets and golden Detroit beets, but they are white! They are very suitable for eating fresh, pickled, or roasted. Compared to dark red varieties, they also have a milder and sweeter taste.


This hybrid is specifically developed for harvesting in the young stage of sugar beets. They produce short and upright green tops. If you are looking for rich green plants, then go look elsewhere. If your goal is small and tender beets, then this is the variety in your garden.

Ruby Queen

These types of beets are excellent dual purpose beets that can produce delicious green vegetables and even bulbs, with a mild taste. The seed of the Ruby Queen can be sown thick and then harvested as a tender green during the thinning process. Allow the remaining seedlings to grow to full maturity. These deep red beets also have deep pink inner rings.


This is a very early round deep red beet used for commercial production. Its size, shape, and taste are all consistent. These are similar to Boros, but have smaller tops. They are also very energetic and productive.


Soldier beets are tender and sweet, with a rich red color both inside and outside. They are a hybrid variety that is relatively new in the vegetable market. The stem is dark brown, and the leaves are lovely green. They mainly grow for the root system, which matures in less than 60 days.


April 30, 2023

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