There are too many types of beets! Beet is a super food rhizome vegetable. You may want to plant beets in your garden, but what variety should you choose? According to your sugar beet planting goals, there are many varieties of sugar beets that can be planted.The following content also has some reference value for raised garden beds.

Some varieties focus on producing large bulbs, while others have both edible roots and delicious green vegetables that can be harvested and cooked. In fact, Swiss beet is a type of beet that does not produce edible roots, only edible green leafy vegetables.

There are many different types of beets to choose from, so we will focus on edible root producing varieties. This herbaceous plant is known for its cold resistance, making it an excellent choice for early spring gardens as the weather is still cool and unpredictable.

For the same reason, sugar beets can be planted in summer as early autumn crops. Many varieties have a long shelf life and are cultivated for long-term storage in winter. Due to their cold resistance, they can also stay in the field and be harvested as needed throughout the winter.

Due to the thick seed coat of sugar beets, it is best to soak the seeds overnight before sowing. This approach will increase the likelihood of seeds germinating in a timely manner. One thing is certain, it's impossible to dig out beets directly from the garden!

Fresh beets have a sweet taste, different from the varieties stored on grocery store shelves. They can be eaten raw, cooked, pickled, fermented, canned, or otherwise preserved or prepared. Not to mention the extra harvest of green vegetables, both stir fried and stir fried are bed

Red type beets

There are many different types of sugar beets and many different reasons for growing them. Classic red is often a good starting point. There are many unique beet varieties to choose from

Baby Beet

This mini variety is very suitable for short season growers. The small round roots they produce are harvested when they are young, about the size of a radish. The green vegetables they produce are equally tender. Due to the small space occupied by these small beets, they are also an ideal choice for small space gardeners.


This is a rapidly maturing variety with a sturdy top. In addition to delicious roots, they also produce dark green tops, which are very suitable for soup, stew or stir fry. They have dark red smooth skin.

Bovine blood

These beets produce a deep red root that moves upwards along the stem, turning into deep purple leaves. Ox blood is a great versatile beet that can fully mature within 50 days, growing slightly green as a beet, and everything in between. If you are looking for multifunctional vegetables to add to your garden, then don't miss this.


As its name implies, these red beets have a cylindrical growth habit. Their shape makes them the best choice for canning and pickling, as they can easily obtain uniform thin slices without too much waste. Cylindrical beets average 5 inches long and 2 inches wide. Cylindrical is also known as a butter slicer because its size is very suitable for slicing.

Detroit Crimson

The dark red variety in Detroit produces deep red roots, most like the sugar beet variety in a grocery store. This is a classic variety of beets and an excellent starting beet to be added to any garden. Their flesh is juicy and full of rich sweetness.

Early Miracle

If you are looking for a beet that can be harvested in 40 days or less, take a look at Early Wonder! They grow quickly and are an excellent choice for areas with short growing seasons. In addition, they perform well in early spring and can germinate and grow in cool bed


This variety is similar to the cylindrical or carrot shaped Cylindra. Just like Cylindra, this makes them very suitable for slicing, canning, and pickling.

Lutz Green Leaves

This heirloom variety was developed before refrigeration and is known for its long-lasting storage capacity. Therefore, it is also known as the Winter Guardian. They can grow very large, with a diameter of about 6 inches, and can be harvested in about 76 days.


These special types of beets have a very smooth dark red skin - smooth to almost glossy. They have bright red stems and can grow dark green leaves. They produce 3-4 inch round beet roots with high sugar content.


This is a hybrid single embryo variety with dark red round roots. Beet is naturally a multi generational seed variety, which means that each seed contains several (usually 2-3) plant embryos. This usually leads to the need to make beet seedlings thinner or choose to grow in clusters. With this variety, there is no need for thinning, and each seed can produce a beet seedling.

Moulin Rouge

These types of beets produce deep red purple roots and have a classic beet flavor. This is another single term variety that bypasses potential sparse requirements. These roots harvest best at a diameter of 1 inch.

Red Ace

Red Ace is a reliable, adaptable, and early maturing beet with a sturdy top. Unlike other types of sugar beets, even old ones are very sweet and tender. It has medium high red veins that can gather together.

April 30, 2023

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