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Why are Savana garden beds so durable?

Gardening is an important part of your life and it feeds you in body, mind, and spirit. You know about the benefits of raised bed gardening, but have been stuck on ‘what do I build the beds out of ?’. We have the answer to that with Durable Savana garden beds .

Durable Savana garden beds

Durable Savana garden beds will go many years and look good in the process! Our raised beds will not rot, crack, peel or splinter. Truly a unique ideal garden bed material.


Gardeners have been concerned about chemical leaching into the soil from some raised bed materials opening the possibility of the plants taking up the chemicals into the plant tissue. You will have no worries with the Durable Savana garden beds components.

Beautiful Custom Designs

On your patio, over your grass, even on wood porches with proper protection. The handsome design goes with most house designs from traditional to modern and they are attractive enough for your front yard.

Quick and Easy ASSEMBLY

Most models set-up in under 1 hour provided site is prepared. Each kit comes ready to assemble. No cutting required. Even the trim is predrilled for the mounting screws. Full color step by step instruction sheet is included for easy assembly.