An elevated garden plantation is simply raising the growing area higher than the original soil by adding garden soil and sometimes soil amendments. Usually raised areas are contained within a sturdy boundary wall, holding it firmly in place. Even a small planting area can become a raised garden planting basin, while a larger area can become a raised garden bed. A pile of raised beds is often referred to simply as a raised garden. There are many advantages to this.

garden bed

Drainage is greatly improved in a raised garden pot. This is a huge benefit for gardeners with wet boggy soil in their gardens, as many highly desirable plants do require well-drained, evenly moist soil. Drainage can be further improved by changing the composition of the furrow soil. Conversely, plants that need a humid environment can adapt by adding peat moss or other water-retaining material to garden POTS without disturbing the rest of the garden.

Because there is no need to go into a raised garden pot to weed, mulch or remove weeds, the soil inside the raised bed stays in good condition longer. It never compacts under the feet of gardeners or garden visitors, and is easily accessible to gardeners.

raised garden bed

Plants grow better in loose arable land. Plants that require special soil are easy to grow on raised garden beds. Most garden plants do well in normal garden soil with a neutral pH, and some are tolerant to a variety of conditions. However, some plants are very sensitive to the acidity or alkalinity of the soil, and their needs can be quite special. Within the bounds of garden planting, it is easy to make the soil more acidic or more alkaline.

A tall garden pot can protect the garden from a variety of pests. This protection can be enhanced in various ways. Gardeners plagued by moles and other tunnel pests should place heavy chicken wire on the site before filling in the soil. A grid-covered frame the same size as the raised bed can be temporarily placed on the wall of the bed to protect seeds and seedlings from scavengers. Arched frames made in the same way will protect ripening fruits and vegetables on low-growing plants.

garden bed

It is possible to create a favourable microclimate in garden planting. Plastic covered frames placed on raised beds protect plants from late spring and early fall frosts, while glass covered frames make raised garden beds cold frames for winter. The growing season can be easily extended using these devices.

May 30, 2023

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