The idea of a raised bed garden has been around since the Middle Ages. These days, they seem to be more popular than ever, especially in urban areas. Raised bed gardens are a way to save space and have a well-organized garden system that is more suitable for plants than planting in the ground.

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It is important to understand that bed gardening is different from container gardening. The soil is surrounded by a raised bed garden, but it is still located directly on the ground. This key factor allows roots to grow deep into the garden wall so the plant can thrive. In container gardening, there is limited space for roots to grow, so plant growth is stunted.

What are the benefits of a raised bed garden?

When you grow plants on a raised bed, whether ornamental or edible, the raised design helps prevent weeds and pests, allowing your plants to thrive in a healthier environment. In addition, this gardening method helps prevent soil compaction, provides better drainage, and allows you to plant early in the season, as the soil is warmer when it is above ground level.

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Aesthetically, a high-bed garden system allows you to define your garden design in any way you want, allowing you to neatly organize what goes where. A raised bed garden is also easier on your back because you don't have to bend so far while working. Many people like to sit on little garden stools while tending their gardens.

Things You need to know before buying a flowerbed garden

Before buying items, you need to start a raised bed garden and you need to do some thinking and make some key decisions. Here are some things to consider before making a purchase:

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Where is the best place to plant an elevated garden?

Gardens need at least six to eight hours of sunlight a day. The first thing you need to do is find a place in your house that receives enough sunlight.

What can be grown in a raised bed garden?

The beauty of having a high bed garden is that you can grow anything you want. This includes flowers, vegetables, ornamental grasses, shrubs and even trees.

How big does a high bed garden need to be?

While the answer to this question depends to some extent on what you want to plant, there are some basic guidelines to follow when planning the size of your elevated garden. Because you want to reach all the plants without being nervous, don't be more than 4 feet wide.

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However, if the garden will be against a wall or fence, a 2 foot wide raised bed is a better choice. In general, most high-bed gardens are between four and eight feet in length.

Can animals get into the raised garden?

While elevated gardens can be a deterrent to some animals, some may still be big enough, curious enough, and cunning enough to cause problems. While garden fencing is a good solution in most cases, if you have persistent pests, you may need to install some hardware cloths on your garden for added protection.

June 01, 2023

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