Grow the best tomatoes for your garden with our tomato-growing ideas. Learn how to grow and cultivate this popular vegetable.The following content also has some reference value for raised garden beds.

01 Tomato support concept: Cage

Healthy tomato plants may spread or grow into strong vines. Keeping them in cages or training them on trellises will keep the fruit off the ground and make harvesting easier. Galvanized steel wire tomato cages are a quick and easy tomato support solution. However, they may not be big or sturdy enough to support rapid growth. Check out the rest of the slide show for more great ideas on how to tame tomatoes.

02 Tomato support concept: concrete reinforcement net

Large sizes of concrete-reinforced wire make a sturdy tomato cage. Cut a 5-foot piece of wire into an 18-inch diameter cylinder. Overlap the cut ends and wire them together to make a cage. The opening of the mesh is large and easy to pick.

03 Tomato support idea: spiral wooden pile

Add an artistic touch to your garden with spiral tomato piles. Use a spiral alone or in combination with a cage to support tomato plants. Wrap the stem of the tomato around a spiral ring. Use loose bouquets or strips of cloth to secure the stems to the bed

04 Tomato stand idea: plastic wrap

Wrap a wire mesh cylinder in clear plastic wrap (rabbit fencing works well) to give your tomato cage a double purpose. The wire cylinders support the plants, and the plastic wrap acts as a mini greenhouse to encourage tomato growth in cool weather. As summer temperatures rise, plastic mulch is removed to make harvesting easier, improve air circulation to plant leaves, and reduce disease problems.

05 Tomato stand idea: wooden ladder cage

A ladder cage made of 1X2 boards is an attractive way to keep tomatoes growing well. Use rot resistant wood, such as cedar or redwood. Cut all the cross sections to the same length (14 to 18 inches long, depending on the size of the cage you prefer). Standing tomatoes should be 4 to 5 feet long, with the bottom inserted into the soil 6 to 12 inches to prevent the tomato support tower from collapsing in strong winds.

06 Tomato stand idea: handmade trellis

Build a garden tare with saplings or bamboo sticks 2 to 3 inches in diameter. The trellis shown here uses four pillars for the exterior frame and one pillar for the central support. For additional stability, the design presented here includes cross-sections connected to opposite poles at two levels.

07 Tomato stand idea: wooden pile

Tie the stem of the tomato to a stake with a loose knot. (The same applies to chili peppers.) As the tomato plants grow taller throughout the season, more straps are added to secure the tips to the poles.

08 Tomato support creativity: Chain link fence

A chain link fence provides solid support for tomato vines to climb. In the early stages of growth, you may need to push the stem through the opening of the fence, but the plant will soon wrap itself around the fence's net. Use an existing fence, or set one up specifically for tomatoes to climb.

09 Tomato stand idea: wooden antenna

This wooden tomato trellis, reminiscent of an old TV antenna, is a great way to add style to your garden and support your tomatoes. Ten angled arms protrude from the central support post. Upright stakes connect the arms for added strength. If you have a home orchard, you can repeat the design to a similar shape by training a vine, apple tree, or pear tree.

 raised garden bed
  1. Tomato support concept: inclined metal mesh panel

Two wire mesh plates are placed against each other to form a rapidly assembled tomato support structure that can be used for multiple tomato plants. Plant a tomato vine at the bottom of each panel. Clamp or wire the top together for stability. When it's time to clean the garden, the panels are stacked on top of each other, saving storage space.

11 Tomato support concept: winding lattice

If you're limited in space, try a twine trellis, like this brick highbed planter next to your porch. Tie the lower end of the rope to a stake driven into the ground. Insert the screw eye into the beam or beam. Tighten the rope between the ground stake and the screw eye. Tie the main stem to the string to help the tomato plant climb up the twine.

12 Tomato support idea: obelisk

Grow tomatoes on an obelisk, a cone-shaped decorative garden support that gives your garden a formal feel. This charming kitchen garden uses four matching tomato-filled obelisks on a central raised bed to create balance and add to the atmosphere of drama.

13 Tomato plant idea: Container garden

Decorative POTS are ideal for growing tomatoes on a patio, balcony or deck. If you use a large container, such as half a barrel of whiskey, almost any type of tomato will do. If you grow plants in small POTS 10 or 12 inches in diameter, choose a dwarf variety. "Patio," "Window Frame Roman Hybrid," and "Bush Precocious Girl Hybrid" all grow less than 2 feet tall, making them good choices for containers.

14 Tomato planting concept: Combine with vanilla

Use your imagination to design fun, attractive containers for growing tomatoes. These wooden crates are lined with landscape fabric to prevent potting soil from sifting through the slats. Try growing basil and tomatoes together in the same container for a wonderful Mediterranean combination.

15 Tomato planting idea: Hanging basket

Plant tomatoes in hanging baskets could avoid bending and bending. The 'Tumbler Hybrid' is specially developed for hanging on stacked plants, making it perfect for hanging baskets. Other small varieties suitable for planting in containers will also droop once they are full of fruits.

June 23, 2023

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