Wait for a special place for gardeners and garden visitors. It is not only included in the gardeners' preferences and the plants they live together, but also the paradise of Sasha. Especially for those who provide wheelchair travel services, it is very important to create a wheelchair accessible environment. The following content also has some reference value for raised garden beds.

Raised Garden Bed

Whether you are the person who needs mobile medical equipment or the person you know, you can enter by wheelchair to provide gardens for wholesalers or use them as much as possible. By providing experience with possible versions of care plants, you are registering hardening opportunities for people. 

If you want to set up an accessible garden in the area where vegetables, herbs or flowers are planted, it is very important to create an environment where information can be easily obtained. In this way, anyone, including wheelchair users, can plant plants in a comfortable position. 

What makes RaisedGardenBed easy to access? 

It is important to ensure that chair users (virtually anyone) can easily reach the plantation. This includes not only easy access, but also standard bed orientation. The relationship between the bed and the surrounding area is also important. The passage is connected to the patio or tool storage area. Although not accessible, the proposed requirements are always integrated in the distribution system in a way consistent with all new internal hosts. This needs to pay a price. Gardens that share indirect sunlight with adjacent courtyards. 

Raised Garden Bed

Parallel method 

In parallel, there should be at least 28 inches and 34 inches. The width from head height to head should be about 2 feet so that the head can be approached.

 Forward approach 

The prospective approach focuses on the applicability of wheelchairs to rolling beds, including contact with bedding plants. In this mode, the gardening experience is Asian, because gardeners can maintain a comfortable posture when planting crops and their vegetables, flowers and herbs. The groove shall be at least 27 inches high and 30 inches wide. 

Wheelchair accessible elevated garden bed 

Unable to access, there are many options. Here, we will discuss different styles of fresh gardens, which are easy to enter but specially designed for people using wheelchairs, walkers, crutches and cans. Eight types of accessibility are included and are not mandatory, so you can make the best decisions when building the required boundaries. 

Basic wooden upheaval 

EorL shaped beads can be made from wood. Wooden beam or 2 × It is not important whether the location of 4 '' is available because they are more toxic than other toxic substances. However, good drainage and wide roads will also promote the lengthening agent loaded bed material. 

Within a 2 - to 3-foot fence, gardeners will have no access to water, nor to the irrigation system. These walls do not need to stand when they are in use.


We have seen that every planting container in this area is ready, but for those gardens that have been renovated twice, or for those who are sure that the garden will have numbers, for example, the container is a satisfactory first choice. They can sit next to the tools and support bags of soil with their legs, so they can recommend anyone or simply walk back and forth. 

Half a barrel only tastes great containers, and vertically stacked containers are also delicious. 

Raised Garden Bed

Brick, stone and concrete track bed 

If we need to work overtime, use bricks, concrete or other reinforcement materials without time and maintenance. Because they are detachable, they can easily work within the range you want to change to improve accessibility. L-shaped, E-shaped or U-shaped bricks are possible. If you are using heavy materials to re work, you may not need to ensure that overtime damage will not occur. However, their own bricks may be damaged when properly connected to each other with cement or paving. 

November 24, 2022

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