Here are some FAQs about how to plant any flower from the seed, which are also applicable to the planting of our raised garden beds.

1. How long does it take to grow flowers from seeds?

The flower seed package sometimes mentions the estimated number of days of maturity, but most annual flowers take about 95 days from seed to harvest.
When growing in spring conditions, those on my list begin to bloom within 60 to 70 days, and they can also tolerate slight frost.

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2. How to speed up seed startup?

Not all seeds decide that it is time to germinate, just because they are planted in the soil. Some seeds need signals; It's time to sprout.

It may be a rise in temperature, humidity or light. These methods, including winter sowing and stratification, are conducive to early germination of seeds.

3. How to plant perennial flowers from seeds?

Most perennial plants do not flower until the next year. They developed large roots and many leaves for photosynthesis in the first season.

Usually, you can solve this problem by planting perennial seeds in autumn and deceiving plants into believing that the next spring is the next year. Sometimes you have to be careful.

4. How to plant annual flowers from seeds?

Once you plant annual flowers in your garden, most annual flowers will be planted by themselves. At the end of the season, all you have to do is leave the flowers on the tree.

They will sow seeds. Almost miraculously, the seeds will be woven in the greenhouse. Usually you will plant too many seedlings in one place, so that they become annoying, but small seedlings are easy to pull out or transplant.

5. What is the ideal way to start flower seeds?

When sowing perennial flowers, it is best to have a suitable pot mixture and warm areas to germinate the seeds.

Like planting annual flowers, sprinkle the seeds on a damp potting mixture and cover them slightly with more mixture. Cover the seeds with plastic wrap to keep the soil moist when the seeds germinate.

6. Why are seeds important for flowering plants?

Seeds are also essential to plants because they ensure that the gene pool continues to the next generation.

In flowering plants or angiosperms, seeds are the result of double fertilization, which leads to the food supply (endosperm) of plant embryos and their ovaries.

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7. Why did my seed not germinate?

The important reason for the failure of germination is that the seeds are eaten by rats, voles, birds and golden needle worms.

But if the seed is still in the soil, search. Seed decay – our untreated seeds will decay when planted too deeply, watered too much, or in cold weather.

8. How to find healthy flower seeds?

You can perform a moisture test on most flower seeds. Water quality test: put the seeds into the water tank.

Let them sit down for 15 minutes. If the seeds sink, they can still survive; If they float, they will not sprout.

9. Do I need to soak flower seeds before planting?

Before sowing, soaking the seed can help you break the natural defense of the seed against Mother Nature's expectations, and then make it germinate faster.
Another explanation is that Mother Nature, while actively attacking the seeds, also provides an internal standard for these seeds to support them to know when to grow.

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10. What is a fast flowering flower growing from a seed?

There are several types of fast flowering flowers that can grow from seeds.
Some of them are sunflower, morning glory, trollius, annual phlox, poppy, cornflower, Nigella and Johnny Jumps.

11. What is the best flower from seeds?

Some of the best flowers can grow from seeds. Morning glory, daisy, snow ball, moss rose, golden lotus, sunflower and sweet pea are some of them.


However, if you choose the right methods and guidelines for the right varieties, it is not impossible to reproduce flowering plants with seeds.

Nowadays, there are more kinds of flower seeds to choose from than seedlings. Even better, many plants can be picked from your plants, friends and neighbors. Our 11 step guide will take you to the dream garden with many flowers.

December 12, 2022

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