The following content also has some reference value for raised garden beds.Planting roses from cuttings may sound complicated, but remember that these are only guidelines for achieving more consistent results. You can insert the rose cuttings directly into the soil, and come back a few months later to find that they have taken root. Or, if you wrap the cuttings with wet paper towels on July 4, as I used to do, and then leave them in the cooler, you may find that some are still alive and actually take root on Labor Day. People have succeeded in rooting 5-foot walking sticks, 1-inch cuttings and less ideal wood in hot summer and deep winter.


You can also add more tools to the process. For example, the use of fluorescent lamps, heating pads and mycorrhizal fungi can improve the success rate.

However, you should be skeptical of some popular rose rooting techniques.

Can you grow roses with commercially cut flowers?

Perhaps, if you purchase from a local flower farm, the farm provides roses picked that day. This is not ideal, but you can try it at any time. However, roses specially bred for sale as cut flowers are unlikely to grow well in their own roots (they are usually grafted on stronger roots), so even if you successfully root these cuttings, the resulting plants may not grow well.

Another thing to remember is that many commercially cut roses (and newer varieties of roses) have been patented. These patents are valid for 20 years, so these roses cannot be grown legally without permission during this period.

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However, most roses are legal. Many older species actually rely on gardeners to protect them by breeding and sharing. If you are interested in protecting the roses with a long history, it may be a good way to participate in the Rose Association and historic sites in your area.

Can you grow roses from cuttings with potatoes?

For a long time, there has been a theory that potatoes are the ultimate medium for roses to take root. It is easy to believe that all you need to do is to make a small hole in the potato, perhaps add some honey and cinnamon, insert rose cuttings, and then you can. But remember a few things: potato tubers are actually alive. They have their own combination of phytohormones and immune defenses. At least one academic study found that the failure rate of potatoes as the rooting medium of roses was 100%.

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Can you grow roses from roses in water?

Another ancient theory holds that roses can easily take root in water. They may start rooting in the water, but it won't go anywhere. There may be exceptions, so once again, you can always try to see if you are lucky. However, it is expected to obtain the best results according to the above criteria.

December 07, 2022

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