In the south where I live, camellia is everywhere. If you have ever experienced these shrubs or small trees blooming, it is not difficult to see why. Sometimes called Winter Rose or Winter Flower Queen, camellia varieties usually bloom in cold months. In addition to looking like roses, camellia can also look like sea anemones or peonies. Flowers can be single, double or half double, with red, pink, white or a mixture of these colors. But camellia is far more attractive than its beautiful flowers, such as these interesting facts that you may not know. The following content also has some reference value for raised garden beds.

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1. There are thousands of varieties of camellia.

Originated in Asia, there are more than 200 kinds of camellia, thousands of varieties. William Khoury, president of the American Camellia Association and Massee Lane Garden in Georgia, said that the most popular camellia types in the United States are japonica rice, camellia and reticulated camellia. Some people have collected a large number of camellia of different types and like to display large flowers in flower exhibitions.

2. They bloom in three seasons.

By selecting varieties with staggered flowering time, your camellia display can last for several months between autumn and spring. For the color of autumn, Khoury suggested planting camellia, which he described as "a sunshine loving plant with small leaves and flowers". Some japonica rice varieties also blossom from autumn to spring. Khoury pointed out that reticulate plants "bloom most, often in late winter and spring, and are more sensitive to cold."

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3. There is a camellia in full bloom in summer.

Khoury said that breeders are studying new camellia hybrids that will bloom in summer. Only one, "Wendzalea", is currently available in the United States. Its ruby semidouble flowers bloom from July to November, and then from February to March again. Camellia must be mixed with C Azalea (this is not the real azalea, Khoury pointed out) so as to bloom or re bloom in summer. New varieties are also developing popular colors, he said, such as yellow and purple.

4. Some varieties can grow in cold regions.

These evergreen shrubs and small trees are not particularly cold resistant, so camellia is mainly limited to Zone 7-10 of USDA. However, breeders have developed more hardy varieties, and now several can be planted in Zone 6. Among them, the most hardy camellia "Korean fire" can even survive under the winter protection of Zone 5.

If your climate is too cold for camellia, "flowerpots are an option," says Jenny Rydebrink, founder and CEO of Gardenize, a gardener mobile application. Plant camellia in large containers that can be brought in. Keep them cool but not frozen, give them as much light as possible, and water them enough, so that the roots will not completely dry up. When the temperature is above freezing point in spring, move the flowerpot back to the outside. Rydebunk warns, just don't move the flowerpot too much, because it will cause the flowers and buds to fall off.

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5. Camellia is part of American history.

According to the American Camellia Association, the most popular camellia flowers are not usually grown in family gardens. It is camellia; The species used to make tea. As you may recall, this commodity happened to be thrown into the sea during the Boston Tea Dumping Event to protest against unrepresentative taxation. This event was the first time that the colonists were called together to fight for independence from Britain, so you can say that camellia played an important role in the beginning of the American Revolution.

6. Coco Chanel likes flowers.

It is said that camellia is the favorite of famous fashion designer Coco Chanel. Images of elegant flowers appear in her jewelry, handbags, clothes and other products. It is reported that she also likes them because they do not smell good, so they do not compete with her signature perfume Chanel No. 5.

The best camellia planting

If you want to try to grow some of these beautiful plants yourself, Savana suggests you look for these new and famous varieties.

"Strawberry lime juice" (C. sasanqua) in Zone 7-10. Strawberry pink flowers have lime green tips and centers.

'Early Autumn' (C.japonica), Zone 7-10. Lavender roses bloom from early autumn to late winter.

Hybrid "Dragon Fire Ball", Zone 7-10. The sea anemone like flowers of this camellia are red, with white edges, and open from late winter to mid spring.
'Jim Smelley' (C.reticulata), Zone 8-10. These shrubs are planted because they have large, semi double, dark pink flowers and yellow antlers. They bloom from mid season to late season.

December 07, 2022

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