Your garden is your pride and joy, and you have spent a lot of time and energy making it thrive. So you will want a garden that is rodent proof. As a gardener, rodents are one of your biggest nightmares. They eat your crops, leave feces everywhere, spread diseases, and hide in the most inconspicuous places. Not only that, they also reproduce at an astonishing speed. Therefore, if you notice rodents in the garden, you will want to take quick action to eliminate them.The following content also has some reference value for raised garden beds.

You cannot use pest control options that can harm plants, nor do you want to use options that can harm the environment. If you are a pet owner, you want safe things around your pet.

It's very likely that you're asking now how to keep mice away from the garden bed! Fortunately, there are many natural ways to kill and stop rodents, so that you can make your crops and flowers grow beautifully throughout the season.

Skip Covering

Yes, covering is amazing for adding organic nutrients to the soil and controlling weeds, but if rodents are a problem, it's terrible. It seems to just attract them in, begging them to build nests and make them feel more comfortable. If you must cover it, choose a variety of sawdust because they should not bury themselves underneath.

Keep a cat

Cats like to catch mice this is not a secret. If you want to drive away mice without moving a finger, then find an outdoor cat to take care of them! The greatness of cats lies in their ability to live and die on their own. As long as you ensure that the cat has food, water, and shelter (and it has been sterilized or sterilized), then you are bed

Plant mint

The scent of mint has a natural deterrent effect on rodents. This makes it an excellent addition to any garden. Put a few pots around the garden and in the greenhouse.

If you don't want another plant to grow, you can also sprinkle dried mint on the opening of the greenhouse. Alternatively, soak some cotton balls in mint oil and let them work. Just make sure to replace it every few weeks.

Install solar mosquito repellent

By using ultrasonic frequencies, these small tools use sound and vibration to intimidate rodents and keep them away. Since they are solar powered, they are still environmentally friendly, and they should prevent rodents.

A unit covers an area of approximately 6000 square feet, so you may need some, depending on the size of your garden. Due to the frequency being specifically targeted at rodents, you, your children, or your pets will not notice these sounds.

Create herbal boundaries

Except for mint, most mice are troubled by strong herbal odors such as basil, echinacea, garlic, and thyme. To stay away from rodents, plant these herbaceous plants outside your garden. Once rodents smell their scent, they will think that your garden has nothing to choose from and will turn around and leave.

Safe storage of pet food

Another great attraction of mice is pet food and chicken feed. Ensure that you place these edible attractions in areas that rodents cannot easily enter, and limit the number of spots you can place at once.

It is a good idea to use sealed storage containers like Vittles Vault to store pet food. It not only keeps the food fresh, but also locks in all the food aromas inside.

Build a sturdy fence

If you don't already have a fence, then build one. If there is indeed a fence around your garden, then you need to make it safer. Usually, rodents crawl under the garden gate, so it is important to pay extra attention to this area and reinforce it.

Rodents also dig holes under fences. You can use some 1/4 inch mesh hardware cloth to stop them. Dig a ditch along the fence, dig down 6 inches, and dig about 6 inches from inside the fence. Nail the hardware cloth to the bottom of the fence. Then, bring it below the soil surface and cover it. This forms an underground barrier.

Sprinkle with instant potatoes

Instant potatoes are cheap and have amazing effects in killing rodents. Just sprinkle a few tablespoons of powder on the area where you suspect there may be mouse infestation. The old mice will eat them (obviously), and after eating them, the thin slices will swell in their stomachs.

Due to the small size of the mouse's stomach, they have no chance of dying before the potatoes are digested. However, if you have other pets, be careful not to eat your potato chips!garden bed

Placing onions around the garden

Onions are very pungent, and rodents dislike them. You don't even need to plant them to make this trick work. All you need to do is place an onion where you suspect a mouse has entered. They will smell a scent and run in the other direction.

You just need to make sure to bring out a new onion every few days, otherwise it will rot. Once again, keep onions away from any pets because they are toxic to dogs!

Alternatively, consider planting onions, leeks, and garlic outside the garden. This often repels many pests, not just rodents.

When you spend countless hours carefully taking care of your garden, the last thing you want to worry about is the invasion of rodents, which will destroy your garden. By taking some additional measures to stay away from rodents, you can make your garden fruitful throughout the season.

May 01, 2023

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