Strawberry plants are a slow -growing plant that can be planted in a container, it can be planted on an raised bed, or it can be directly planted on the ground. One problem of all methods is to keep strawberries away from the soil, because long -term exposure to humid soil can cause fungal disease, such as gray mold and anthracnose. The easiest way to prevent strawberry plant diseases is to keep them away from the ground. This also allows strawberries to stay away from the bugs on the ground, such as worms, and they eat fruits lying on the ground.  In this article, Savanna will show you six practical and cheap solutions, which can help you plant strawberry plants.

raised garden bed

1. Make your own strawberry cages

Considering that these baskets are too small, they do not use laundry except to separate underwear. On the other hand, they are cheap and are made of plastic. Plastic is very easy to cut. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for the creative garden project. Or in our case is the support structure.

You can cut the bottom from a 15 -inch cheap round plastic laundry basket, keep the side support, and then place the DIY cage on the strawberry plant, and the lips are up.

Once the cage surrounds the plant, the strawberry will be placed on the side of the basket or on the lips on the top. If you put it in another place, the fruit is likely to still hang on the ground. You need support on the edge of the top.

Just make sure that the basket you use has holes to avoid restricting airflow. The only purpose of the chopping basket is to maintain the height of the fruit.

2. Grow strawberries in planters

Planting does not have to have a raised bed. You can install a narrow flower pot on the south fence or the side of the garden shed to successfully plant strawberries.

This is particularly convenient for the limited vegetable garden artist. When the soil that can be cultivated is exhausted, your only choice is to grow upward.

Growing on the scaffold is a choice of climbing strawberry varieties. In the traditional low -growth plant, the canopy is just above the surface of the soil, and it should be far from the surface of the soil. Don't stop there.

To do this, please use the flower pot to connect them to the fence board or other things in the yard to fix them in place, and then let strawberries hang on the edge.

The advantage of using flower pots for vertical gardening is that you can plant more fruits and vegetables.

3. Use a strawberry support frame

For family growers, the simplest and most popular choice is to use strawberry support racks. The cheapest is plastic, but you can also find metal brackets.

These are basically a 12 -inch shelf with ground spikes to keep the strawberry plant about 3 inches -4 inches from the ground to protect the fruit from being affected by long -term excessive water.

raised garden bed

4. Use a strawberry planter

Strawberries can be planted in different containers. For example, strawberries can be used to expand vegetarian boxes, hanging baskets and window boxes.

The traditional decorative flower pot is red pottery straw raspberry pot. It is like an ordinary pottery potted pot, but there is an additional side opening. A cheaper choice is to buy a strawberry tank, which is usually the same as the design of the ceramic strawberry planting machine, but it is made of plastic.

Any planting machine with a side opening or stacking flower pot system is the ideal choice of planting strawberries in a small space, while keeping strawberries away from the ground.

5. Cover the ground with plastic mulch or a landscaping material

Another super simple method is to cover the ground with a thick cloth. Oppony, transparent or white plastic film are suitable for this, and landscape fabrics are usually used for weed control. Before laying floor tiles on the ground, weeding should always be carried out.

When transplanting strawberry plants, it is easier to cover the soil before it is needed. Once the fruit is mature, the weight will fall off and fall to the ground.

During transplantation, cut a X -shaped in the material, and then plant strawberry plants through it. Press the edges with sufficient heavy stones or rocks to prevent the edges rise when the wind blows to the edge.

The same method is still valid for the results of strawberries. Just cut a larger X -shaped on the fabric, gather all the stems, leaves and fruits, and then cover the fabric on the plant, just like you pull the coat on it.

Once the bottom is distributed, open it, call the lower edge, and put the strawberry on the bottom cover.

Although strawberries have not been removed from the ground technically, they have a barrier between them and the ground, which can protect the fruit from being infringed by soil beetles and potential fungal diseases, and avoid irrigation.

raised garden bed

6. Pack straw under the fruit

Straw covers are better than plastic, because it plays a role in weeding, which can pull the fruits from the ground and nail it, because it will scratch their delicate body. Anything that snails are caught have the risk of piercing the skin to prevent death.

There are fruits on the low ground, and strawberries grow better. 面 and snails are the most fierce leaves and fruits on the ground. They only need a few inches of straw covers to protect them.

Any straw is available, including straws sold in pet shops as pet garbage. Barley straw is most beneficial to strawberries because it is more waterproof and prevent algae growth. However, wheat straw is also useful, so as long as you can buy a better price, use it.

Use netting to protect your strawberries from wildlife

In the garden, many insects, animals, birds and mammals are glad to discover your fresh strawberries by chance. Without the net, they are likely to be eaten. If you use straw covers, it can also be used as nesting materials by birds.

The most reliable method is to prevent your strawberries before eating. Your straw will be pinched and cover your edible plants with the net.

There are enough networks to have about a quarter of an inches wide. These can be covered with wooden stakes to support them, or you can use floating lines.

The type of network system you use largely depends on the way you plant strawberries.

For example, planting strawberries in the seeder is more suitable for floating coverage. When planting strawberries in flower pots or strawberry tanks, the CLOCHE -style network system will work better.

These can be purchased as a cage for potted strawberries. You can also use wooden stakes and bird nets to protect your strawberries from falling to the ground and protect wildlife without eating your fruits.



December 18, 2022

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