Chipmunks are a common garden pest. They like to munch on yard plants and flower beds. If your raised garden bed is suffering from a chipmunk infestation, fear not! This article will provide you with some simple but effective ways to repel chipmunks and protect your garden bed.

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Create barriers

1. Install wire mesh: Install a small wire mesh around the raised garden bed, making sure the mesh is small enough to prevent chipmunks from getting into the bed. Barbed wire can be secured by wooden or metal stakes attached to the sides of the bed.

2. Use boundary materials: Choose a strong and durable boundary material, such as stone or concrete slabs, and bury it into the ground to create a flower-bed boundary. This will stop the chipmunks from burrowing into the bed.

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Adopt the voracious feeding habits of chipmunks

1. Change plant choices: Chipmunks are particularly interested in certain plants, so they choose plants in their flower beds that are less popular with them. Consult a local gardening expert to choose plants that are not attractive to chipmunks.

2. Use fragrances as a deterrent: Chipmunks are not interested in strong scents, and you can plant plants around the flower bed that have a spicy or strong scent, such as chili, garlic, or rosemary. These scents will disperse chipmunks and keep them away from your garden bed.

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Provide an Alternative

1. Set up a feed station: Set up a feed station in the garden away from the raised garden bed that serves chipmunk favorite foods, such as nuts or peanuts. This will attract them away from your garden bed as they will prioritise places with easy access to food.

2. Create a suitable nesting area: Provide a suitable nesting area for the chipmunk, such as a wooden box or tree hole. That way, they'll be more likely to stay in the nest than in your garden bed.

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Bottom line: 

By creating barriers, taking advantage of chipmunk feeding habits, and providing alternatives, you can effectively keep chipmunk infestations of raised garden beds at bay. Remember that constant observation and maintenance are very important to protect your garden. I wish you success in protecting the garden bed and have a prosperous and beautiful garden!

June 02, 2023

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