Lettuce is one of the best plants in your garden. It can grow continuously after harvest. But unlike other plants, you need to collect lettuce leaves to grow again.
If you do not know or are not sure how to cut lettuce from the garden correctly, you have come to the right place! Savana will show you 4 steps to harvest lettuce to keep it growing.

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Learning to pick lettuce to keep it growing is a very daunting thing, especially if this is your first time growing it. But the whole thing is simpler than you think.

What have to prapare?

  • Clean sharp scissors
  • non-dust cloth
  • External alcohol

Step 1: Disinfect and prepare scissors

It is important to use clean tools when cutting lettuce from the garden. Unsterified tools may contaminate your lettuce with harmful bacteria, preventing it from growing again, or even killing plants.

The first thing to do is to take a sharp pair of scissors. It needs to be very sharp for clean cutting; Otherwise, it will scratch the lettuce and prevent it from growing again.

After you get the cutting tool, you need to clean it with a slightly damp cloth dipped in alcohol. Cleaning is important to remove excess dirt and other particles from the blade.

After that, you can proceed to the next step!

Step 2: Select the best time to harvest

In order to let you harvest the best quality, you need to accurately understand the maturity of lettuce and the best harvest time of the day.

When can the lettuce be harvested?

In most common varieties, lettuce leaves take a month to harvest. Some may take more than a month to get ready, extending it to 6 to 8 weeks.

However, it does not take a long time for lettuce to grow completely.

In addition, when is the best time to pick lettuce so that it can grow again?

If you want to sell fresh and crisp lettuce leaves, you'd better pick them up in the morning.

Not to mention, when the lettuce becomes crisp, the blade is easier to cut. In this way, you will get better harvest quality.

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Step 3: Cut your lettuce

The only thing you need to remember in this step is to protect the lettuce crown. To cut the lettuce smoothly without scratching or accidentally killing the plant, you need to cut it exactly 1 inch above the crown.

If the lettuce leaves are large, you can move 1.5 inches above it to harvest more safely without killing the plants.

However, if you cut it from below or directly at the crown, the lettuce will die.

After cutting, you can now wash the lettuce leaves immediately and store them in the vegetable fresh-keeping box to extend their freshness.

Step 4: Water your lettuce

The last thing you do to harvest lettuce to keep it growing is to take care of the rest of the plant. Take steps to keep them healthy so that you can continue to grow and harvest lettuce.

To ensure lettuce grows again, you need to keep the soil moist. In order to maintain the required humidity level, regular water supply is necessary.

This is necessary to maintain the continuous flow of nutrients in the plant, which will help the lettuce recover faster.

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There is nothing more satisfying than reaping and planting fresh lettuce from the same plant. You can correctly learn how to harvest lettuce to keep it growing. Compared with other lettuce owners, your level is several levels higher.

Therefore, we must always carefully follow all the above steps to become the most successful lettuce grower!

December 13, 2022

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