How to get rid of thorny shrubs
Whether you keep the garden or not, almost everyone must have seen and touched the thorn bushes.
Most of the time, when we first contact the thorn bushes, they hurt us. In addition to the hurt, many people will react to the touch of the thorn bushes.
Thorn shrubs are almost everyone. Although some people know what they are, some people do not know and do not know how to deal with them. This article covers most of your questions about thorn bushes, especially how to get rid of them.
What is the name of a thorn bush?
Spiny shrubs are trees with sharp parts. These sharp and sharp parts are usually produced by the epidermis or cortex of plants.
Plants have a way to protect themselves from harm, which we call their defense mechanism. Stabbing plants is one of the many ways that nature provides plants with protection. Thorn bushes sometimes have fruit or beautiful flowers.
Although these do not sound like what we like, it is interesting that some plants and trees in the family and garden are thorn bushes.


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What is the best way to get rid of thorny shrubs?
The thorn bushes sometimes hinder us, doing more harm than good. We think it is the best way for you to get rid of thorny shrubs. The first thing you need to know is what you need to get rid of thorn bushes.
General working layout
Sturdy boots
Work gloves
Heavy twine
How to get rid of thorn bushes (follow the steps below)
Before approaching the factory, make sure to cover it with a thick overall cloth. Wear work boots and gloves. Make sure your face is protected by wearing a hat and goggles.
Cut off the branches of bushes and pack them together; You can ensure that they are packed together by winding strong ropes and tying them together from top to bottom.
When finished, dig the soil around the bushes with a shovel, and then remove the dirt from the top layer until the root system can be seen. This will provide direction for your entire digging direction.
Dig a deep hole about 9 to 14 inches deep; This should be done around the circumference of the bush. To ensure root removal, dig a pit approximately 12 to 18 inches from the shrub. Cut the uncovered root with a sharp shovel.
Start digging shrubs with a shovel and push them under the root system. You will need to use a shovel to cut some hard roots. Continue digging and cutting until you can pull the entire bush off the ground. After completion, replace the soil in the hole with fresh new soil. There are no more thorn bushes.
Are thorn bushes poisonous?
yes! Although few thorn shrubs are found poisonous, some are poisonous. They can inject a toxin strong enough to fix your muscles or cause serious damage to brain tissue.


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We recommend that you immediately treat the wounds that prick the bushes and note their signs. That is, sharp pain or redness, swollen fingers or body parts, excessive bleeding, fever, weakness or nausea after being stabbed, and yellow secretion is discharged from this part.
We also suggest before approaching thorn bushes; Make sure your body, feet, face and head are properly covered.
How do you stop the growth of thorn bushes?
If thorn shrubs are small, the best way to prevent them from growing again is to uproot them from the roots. You can do this by using a shovel and digging around the bottom of the bush. After proper removal, pack them all and burn them.
However, if they are overgrown with weeds, please cut off the branches and use hand tools such as a long handled branch cutter to remove the branches. Do not use hedge trimmers, electric saws and other power tools.
As this may be dangerous, please cut it all off and dig out its root with a shovel, and then discard it in the dump.

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Why do people plant thorny shrubs?
Most thorn shrubs attach to colorful plants and fruit trees. Many people plant them for beauty, medicine and the fruits on them.
Remember that thorns and thorns are nature's way of protecting these plants from predators. Therefore, plants and trees have other advantages and can be planted. Thorn shrubs can also be used for safety reasons.
Shrubs can be woven or placed around houses or gardens to prevent predators.
In many cases, thorn shrubs are usually not needed, but some of our favorite plants and fruits have these pickers on their stems. Common household products can effectively control thorny shrubs, thorns and weeds, and their use will reduce the use of land chemicals.
It is not uncommon for you to get injured when touching or digging out thorny shrubs. Make sure the wound is disinfected and covered to prevent further infection. You can also go to the hospital for more treatment.

December 19, 2022

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