In the past few years, eggplant has become more and more popular in family gardens. Many gardeners who grow this kind of vegetable are frustrated when the eggplant blooms but has no fruit, because the flowers of the eggplant fall off the plant. The following contents also have certain reference value for keeping garden beds.
This strange but delicious vegetable is closely related to tomatoes and belongs to the same family - Solanaceae. Many problems and pests that affect tomatoes will also affect eggplants. One of the problems is that eggplant flowers fall off the plant without bearing fruit.

Raised garden bed
When eggplant has flowers but no fruit, this is due to one of two problems. The first reason for eggplant flower shedding is water shortage, and the second reason is insufficient pollination
Eggplant flower withered due to lack of water
When eggplant is under pressure, its flowers will wither and fall off without bearing fruit. The most common cause of eggplant pressure is water shortage. Your eggplant needs at least 2 inches (5 cm) of water per week, and more water in very hot weather
Most of the water should be provided in one irrigation, so that the water will go deep underground and is unlikely to evaporate quickly. Deep watering can also encourage eggplant to grow deep roots, which helps it find water deeper underground and balance the demand for water, so it is unlikely to drop eggplant flowers.
Eggplant flower withered due to lack of pollination
Eggplant flowers are usually pollinated by wind, which means that they do not rely on insects such as bees and moths for pollination. When the weather is very wet, too wet or too hot, pollination problems may occur.
When the air is very wet, the water will make the pollen eggplant flowers become very dense and cannot fall on the pistil to pollinate the flowers. When the weather is very hot, the pollen becomes inactive because the plant thinks it can't bear the pressure of extra fruit and hot weather. In a sense, the plant stops the flower to avoid further emphasizing itself.
Raised garden bed
Artificial pollination of eggplant flowers
If you suspect that your eggplant flowers are falling off due to lack of pollination, please use artificial pollination. Artificial pollination of eggplant flowers is easy to achieve. All you need to do is take a small clean brush and move it into the eggplant flower. Then repeat the process for all other aubergine flowers, ending with the beginning aubergine flowers. This will disperse the pollen.

January 18, 2023

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