Is your garden bed double bed or a large bed? Or maybe you have no land at all, there is only one small balcony or terrace. It's ok. As long as you can find a sunny place, whether it is on the ground or in the air, you can satisfy your appetite for freshly picked agricultural products.

Almost everyone can get more space than they realize. You can see it with just a little creative thinking. The roof, alley, front porch, and even fire -fighting channels are feasible places for planting vegetables. The key to success is to carefully plan and make full use of what you have.

raised garden bed

Maximize your space
Plant vegetables in containers

If the space is limited, the soil is barren or lacks the sun, it cannot be planted underground. The container is a good choice. When planting foods in the flower pot, choose courtyard or short varieties and shallow roots, such as lettuce, radish, garlic and leeks. Bellami said that for containers, you can use almost anything that can accommodate the soil -from fabric planting bags to old metal washing buckets -as long as you provide a good drainage system. Keep in mind that container plants need more water than underground plants, and it is best not to let them dry completely. In addition, please use organic fertilizers in the growth season

Plant vegetables on raised garden beds

The raised garden bed is also a good choice -if you have a level of foundation to build them. Compared with the underground bed, they have the advantages of easier entry, better drainage, and faster soil warming in spring. "It is great to dig and cultivate beds in the ground, but it may take a few years to build a really good soil. The viaduct full of good soil and compost mixture will give beginners a good start. A foot bed can also accommodate a lot of vegetables and easy to manage
raised garden bed
Vertical planting vegetables

If you want to plant vine vegetables, such as beans, cucumbers, and pumpkin, you have to catch them, such as grid, fence or net. Gardening can not only save space, but also create structure and visual taste.

Create edible landscape

Edible landscape beautification is the creative and attractive solution of planting vegetables in the front yard or other prominent positions. Try to mix the viewing vegetables and herbs into the perennial garden, or stuff them into the container. They are also very attractive, especially if you combine various colors and textures.

How to choose the best vegetable for small gardens
Improve work efficiency
When you only have a limited garden space to use, please choose plants that can bring you high output in the community. Many vegetables and herbs have compact varieties, suitable for containers, which are very suitable for small gardens. (See the following 12 kinds of space -saving food.

Determine priority

In a small garden, you have almost no space to test or plant crops that will be wasted. Determine the priority by planting your favorite, unique, and thrive things. Also planting the best food for fresh picking. "Lettuce is in line with all the qualifications of my perfect crops," Bellami said. "I used a lot to eat it directly from the garden. It also grows rapidly, attractive, saving space, and easy to plant.

Plan to increase production

By continuously planting a series of crops in garden beds or containers, keep your small garden productivity throughout the growth season, starting from the cool season and precocious crops in the spring, and then vegetables in the middle and late summer, will continue until autumn.
The same technology can also be used to extend the growth season of a crop, especially fast and mature foods such as radish and beans. They are planted every two to three weeks, and they will mature at different times.

raised garden bed

Choose a good partner

The inter -species is similar to continuous planting in concept. The difference is that you can maximize yields by pairing as good partners and growing at different speeds at different speeds. For example, you can plant sugar peas in early spring and plant pole beans. When pea flower is over, beans will be ready to replace their position.

A good way to increase production and partner planting and increase production when planting vegetables on elevated beds -the only disadvantage is that they do not work in the container.

Extend the growth season

Vegetable gardens is not only suitable for warm weather from May to September. There are many crops in the cool season that will thrive to autumn underground or containers, and some can even survive in a bite of frost.

December 26, 2022

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