Amaryllis has a series of amazing pink and red tones, which is the favorite of the festival. No matter where you live, you can start from planting light bulbs indoors to make the whole winter full of happiness. Savana will let you know how to grow the Amaryllis.

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In frost free areas of the countryside, Amaryllis can be grown outside the garden. In all parts of the country, they bloom indoors in the middle of winter. Their huge trumpet shaped flowers provide bold colors that can illuminate even the saddest winter days.

Soil Requirements and Potting

Amaryllis needs porous and nutrient rich planting medium. Many come with premixed media. Add about a teaspoon of bone meal to every 5-6 inch pot.

For each Amaryllis, use a pot one inch wider than the bulb diameter. If your flowerpot does not have a drain hole, place pebbles or other rough materials at the bottom of the flowerpot to drain. For indoor planting, we recommend using flowerpots with no drain holes at the bottom. If your flowerpot does have a drain hole, be sure to put it on the plate to catch excess water. Fill the pan to within half an inch of the edge to make room for watering. Place the bulb so that the soil line surrounds the widest part of the bulb, with half of the bulb below the soil and half of the bulb above the soil.

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Bringing Your Amaryllis Into Bloom

Once the bulb is potted, water it until the planting medium is just wet, and then place it in a warm place with direct light. The development of stems needs heat, and plants like plenty of sunshine, but preventing afternoon sunshine will prolong the flowering season. The ideal temperature is 68 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Water a little until the pedicel appears, because too much water will lead to the development of leaves, but will affect the development of flowers. With the development of flower buds, watering is more thorough and frequent. Occasionally using balanced indoor plant fertilizer will increase the size and beauty of flowers.

Generally speaking, the bulb will blossom within 7-10 weeks. The flowering time in winter will be longer than that in spring, so this should be taken into account when planting bulbs. For the most continuous flowering, plant every 2 weeks to get amazing colors in your home or garden.

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Care After Flowering

After Amaryllis stops flowering, you can let it bloom again. When the flower withers, cut the old flower stem an inch from the bulb to let the leaves grow out. Keep good watering and fertilization. When all frost hazards have passed and the weather continues to warm, sink the flowerpot into the edge of the outdoor garden. Choose a semi cool, sheltered place. Keep adequate watering, pay attention to good drainage between watering, at least 5-6 months, so that leaves can fully develop.

When the leaves begin to turn yellow (usually in early autumn), cut them back about 2 inches from the top of the bulb, and then remove the bulb from the soil. Clean the bulb and place it in a cool (40-50 ° F), dark place, such as the fresh-keeping box of the refrigerator, for at least 6 weeks. Note: Do not store Amaryllis bulbs in the refrigerator with apples, as this will disinfect the bulbs. Store the bulb for at least 6 weeks. After 6 weeks, you can remove the bulbs at any time to plant them. Plant the bulbs 8 weeks before you want them to bloom.



December 08, 2022

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