Planting cucumbers on the trellis is a simple and effective method, which can harvest fresh cucumbers in a limited space! The following contents are of reference value for the planting of raised garden beds.
Benefits of planting cucumbers on a trellis
The biggest advantage of planting cucumbers on the trellis is that it can prevent the leaves from being wet, thus preventing fungal infection.
The plant will utilize vertical space rather than covering space on the ground.
Planting cucumbers on the trellis will provide better air circulation around the plant and will maintain its health and productivity.
Pest infestation is easy to observe and control.
It's easy to harvest cucumbers. You can find the fruits immediately and pick them without damaging the plants.
Planting cucumbers on the trellis can prevent deformed fruits and promote clean and uniform color fruits.


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How to plant cucumbers on the trellis?
The cucumber trellis can be very strong, 4-6 feet high. When the cucumber plant is 4-6 inches tall, it must be placed. Fix the bottom of the scaffold firmly in the soil to ensure it is firmly fixed in place.
This plant will produce long tendrils, which must be wound on the scaffold as the vines grow. Tendrils are very fragile, so handle them gently. When the vine is growing, weave the top of the vine into and out of the scaffold. It will keep the vines growing vertically and provide sufficient support for heavy cucumbers at the beginning of production.
Follow 3 simple steps to learn how to trellis cucumber plants
Place cucumber plants and scaffolding close to each other; Whether you are planting or transplanting, this will allow plants to easily access the growth surface.
If necessary, use garden twine to wrap or weave grape vines; If the plant has some tendrils, please carefully wrap them near the grid surface.
Watch your plants every day; This will help keep the plants within the boundary of the scaffold.
The Best Scaffold for Cucumber
It is not a big problem to make grids for planting cucumbers. You can use bamboo sticks, metal nets, ropes, plastic pipes, nets, wires and even small cages to make grids.



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Cucumber planting tips
How much sunshine does cucumber need?
Cucumber plants need at least 5-6 hours of direct sunlight every day. Choose a sunny planting site with 4-6 feet of vertical space at the top to accommodate the scaffolding and growing cucumber vines.
Cucumbers need loose soil rich in organic matter, with a pH value of about 5.5-7. A large amount of organic matter and compost are added into the growth medium to promote growth.
You can't take watering cucumbers on the trellis for granted. If you want a good harvest, especially when growing cucumbers on the trellis.
Due to the high water content of fruits, it is important to water plants regularly. Avoid wetting leaves and over watering!
Professional tips: The best rule is to water plants when the topsoil feels a little dry.
Drought is unfavorable to cucumber plants and has adverse effects on them. Cover around the base of the plant to prevent the soil from drying too quickly. Weeds are also difficult to grow from the thick covering.

December 16, 2022

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