In a perfectly balanced natural landscape, insects, bacteria and other microorganisms contribute to the recycling and breakdown of nutrients and plants. These insects and microbes coexist in your garden, creating a perfectly balanced habitat. However, if this balance is upset, or you introduce foreign elements, problems will quickly arise.Below we look at some of the diseases that destroy trees, plants and gardens.The following content also has some reference value for raised garden beds.

Fire blight is difficult to control

Fire blight is a disease caused by bacteria. It gets its name from its destructive effect, making trees look like they have been burned. In early spring, the first symptoms of the disease become apparent.

Fire blight can affect many parts of plants, including leaves, stems, flowers, and fruits. When the weather gets wet, it causes a translucent, sticky liquid filled with bacteria to seep out of the infected plant bed

Fungal infections affect trees and shrubs

Fungi usually live on decaying and dead trees and shrubs. Even so, it can still infect living trees, speeding up their decay and killing them more quickly. If you can see fungus growing on the bark, it means the tree is seriously infected. That's why you have to check your trees regularly for fungi.

Pests destroy trees

Some insects build their nests in the leaves and feed on the green leaves. While the leaves provide the tree with all the necessary nutrients and food, the parasites starve the tree by reducing the food supply. Some insects burrow into the tree, which opens the door to disease and decay, infecting the tree and destroying it.

Check for new growth around the base of the tree

You might think that new growth around the base of a tree is a sign of healthy growth. However, new growth is a sign that roots are choking, or that your tree is not getting enough food because the leaves are too damaged. New growth is a problem that usually points to something deeper and bigger.

garden bed

If you see mushrooms growing on or around a tree, then your tree is most likely dying, or dead inside. Mushrooms need rotting material to grow. This means that if there are mushrooms growing on or around a tree, you should call a professional arborist. They can assess the tree and look for any additional damage.

Treat infections and illnesses as soon as possible

Don't forget that by the time you notice any of the above problems, your tree has already taken a lot of damage. You need to be proactive and act quickly to get rid of infections and infestations in your garden and trees.

Given the enormous damage that can be caused by an unhealthy tree falling on your home - or worse, your neighbor's house - it makes sense to call in a professional once any potential problems are identified.

July 17, 2023

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