Our front yard's soil condition has long been a cause for concern, with soil tests confirming elevated lead levels. The presence of remnants such as bottles, wires, and assorted debris hinted at a troubling history—suggesting our yard might have served as a dumping ground in days gone by.

In our quest for a solution, Savana Garden Beds entered the scene. We opted for their robustness, ability for customizable shapes, and an array of stunning colors. More crucially, their emphasis on sustainability during manufacturing caught our attention. As an avid organic gardener, I discerned that Savana's top-tier raised beds were the ideal fit for our perennial home gardening.

Crafting Elevated Garden Beds

Our property boasts an irregular shape, basking in ample sunlight from sunrise to sunset—a boon for vegetable cultivation in my northern locale. Savana beds emerged as the perfect choice for efficiently occupying the area.

Sustainability Woven into Every Thread

In my lifestyle, sustainability is non-negotiable. Savana Garden Beds seamlessly align with this philosophy. From proprietary materials to eco-conscious transportation and paint choices, every aspect mirrors their dedication to environmental harmony. No leaching of metals or toxins ensures our homegrown vegetables remain consistently clean and organic. Their commitment to environmental innovation resonates strongly with those of us committed to preserving the planet.

The Merits of Savana Metal Raised Beds

Opting for durable raised beds that stand the test of time was a no-brainer. Unlike wooden beds that degrade within a few years, Savana beds are enduring, flexible, a breeze to assemble, and reliably robust.

We settled on 17-inch high beds, but Savana offers heights up to 24 inches. Not only does this enhance accessibility, but it also serves as an effective deterrent for rabbits, not to mention snails and slugs. Paired with a straightforward fence, these extra-tall beds kept us well-stocked with veggies all summer.

Colors That Captivate!

Savana's stylish color palette, presents an assortment of lovely tones that complement rather than compete with your garden's natural beauty. I settled on Mint Green, seamlessly blending in without getting lost amidst the foliage.

How Savana Raised Beds Found a Home in My Garden

We assembled all 3 beds in 2 hours and positioned them precisely where I envisioned. The bed components, being lightweight, were a breeze to move when empty.

Once the beds were in place, the next step was filling them with every vegetable I enjoy. I planted three varieties of kale, three types of eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, peas, cucumbers and basil. There's nothing more gratifying than strolling outside with a bowl and scissors, figuring out what's on the dinner menu.

December 26, 2023

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