In recent years, as more and more people choose to take the path of self growth, garden beds have finally become the focus of attention. Due to its vertical proportions, garden beds are ideal for those who have limited outdoor space or just want to explore the beautiful world of gardening.The following content also has some reference value for raised garden beds.

Although not all plants are guaranteed to thrive in a garden bed, some plants that have consistently performed well with this vertical growth system. Below we have listed some of our favorite plants to start your own garden. What's the best? You can also eat them!

  1. Lemongrass

In addition to its heavenly aroma, lemon grass can also be used in countless dishes, teas, and homemade skin care products. Lemongrass is easy to grow and care for; You can even put fresh lemon grass in a glass of water until it takes root, and then you can move it directly into your garden. (Be sure to plant it towards the top.) 

2. Fennel

This licorice flavored herb not only adds decoration to your tower garden (due to their feathery tops), but also provides an excellent complement to many recipes and herbal teas. When fennel is allowed to sow and bloom, it can help attract necessary pollinating insects such as butterflies and bees, whose numbers are currently decreasing.raised garden bed

3. Leek

Planting leeks in a garden bed is no problem at all. Chives have a milder and more delicate taste, making them a pleasant alternative to onions, especially when consumed at cooler temperatures. It is recommended that you plant leeks on the top of the garden bed; If you are planting lemongrass, be sure to leave some space.

4. Okra

Okra is a classic cuisine with a long history. It is a delicious and strong vegetable that is very popular in gardens. In fact, please pay attention to this, as okra tends to reproduce quickly! (The good news is that okra can be stored well in the refrigerator.) It only takes about two months for okra to harvest, but be sure to wear gloves, as most varieties have thorns that can sting and irritate your skin.

5. Pumpkin

A symbol of autumn, one cannot help but think of a cheerful orange pumpkin greeting you in your tower garden. Pumpkins and other gourd varieties grow particularly well in gardens, although some emphasize that they should be placed on the bottom and kept hydrated enough. To ensure that pumpkins are harvested before October, you need to plant them before midsummer.

6. Radish

Another fast-growing plant, radish, can be grown and harvested within a month, making it ideal for salads and snacks. The downside (if you want to say so) is that they grow quickly and spread equally quickly, so be sure to harvest early to avoid crowding into your garden. To obtain the best flavor, radishes can be planted in late spring or early autumn, as they are often considered cool plants.

7. Watermelon (and all types of melons)

Melons can thrive in gardens if you can consistently maintain them - if not overwater them. However, watermelon is the perfect summer crop and deserves extra water. It's like a gourdraised garden bed

8. Brussels sprouts

This rich and comfortable food contains the necessary vitamins C and K for a day and takes longer to harvest - up to three months - but it's worth waiting for. Because their leaves can spread out and hinder other plants from obtaining critical light, it is recommended that you plant Brussels sprouts separately on the side of the garden bed.

9. Strawberries

If you have the patience to wait for these blooms, your garden bed will be a feast of sight and taste. Strawberry's colorful vertical climbing left a deep impression.

Garden beds can provide you with a variety of delicious fruits and vegetables. When selecting the variety of plants you want to grow in your garden, remember that green leafy vegetables such as spinach and lettuce, fruit bearing vegetables such as chili peppers, cruciferous vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, and various herbs and edible flowers can grow particularly well in the environment.

You can try your garden bed!

March 17, 2023

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