Through our tomato planting philosophy, plant the best tomatoes in your garden. Learn how to grow and grow this popular vegetable. The following content also has some reference value for raised garden beds.

  1. Tomato support concept: cage style

Healthy tomato plants may spread or grow into vibrant vines. Place them in cages or on grids to keep the fruits away from the ground and make harvesting easier. Galvanized wire tomato cage is a fast and convenient tomato support solution. However, they may not be large enough or strong enough to support rapid growth. For more good ideas on how to tame tomatoes, please refer to the rest of the slide.

  1. Tomato support concept: concrete reinforcement mesh

Large sized concrete steel bars are made into sturdy tomato cages. Cut a piece of metal wire approximately 5 feet long into a cylinder with a diameter of approximately 18 inches. Overlap the cut ends and connect them together to form a framework. The large opening of the mesh fabric makes it easy to stretch for bed

  1. Tomato support concept: spiral pile

Add an artistic touch to your garden with a spiral tomato pile. Use screws alone or in combination with metal cages to support tomato plants. Wrap the main stem of the tomato around a spiral ring. Secure the tree trunk to wooden stakes with loose garden ties or cloth strips.

  1. Tomato support concept: cling film

Wrap the silk mesh cylinder with transparent cling film (rabbit fence is very effective), so your tomato cage can play a dual role. The metal wire tube supports the plants, and the cling film is like a mini greenhouse, promoting the growth of tomatoes in cool weather. As summer heats up, removing plastic coverings can make harvesting easier, improve airflow through plant leaves, and reduce disease problems.

  1. Tomato support concept: wooden ladder cage

A trapezoidal cage made of 1X2 plates is an attractive way to keep tomatoes growing well. Use corrosion-resistant wood, such as cedar or mahogany. Cut the steps into the same length (14 to 18 inches long, depending on your preferred cage size). Make the upright part 4 to 5 feet long and insert the bottom 6 to 12 inches into the soil to prevent the tomato support tower from collapsing in strong winds.

  1. Tomato support concept: handmade lattice

Build a garden trellis using saplings or bamboo poles with a diameter of 2 to 3 inches. The grid shown here uses four rods as the outer frame and one rod as the center support. To achieve additional stability, the design shown here includes beams connected to opposite steel bars at two bed

  1. Tomato support concept: wooden stakes

Tie the trunk of the tomato to a wooden stake with a loose tie. (This technology is also applicable to chili peppers.) As tomatoes grow taller throughout the season, more ties are added to secure the tips to the poles.


April 26, 2023

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