The growing season may be in full swing, but there are still ways to up your garden game. From preventing pesky pests (or pets) to building your own custom trellis and irrigation - it's time to make your bed smarter, not harder. This summer, we have five ways to customize your pot that will not only make your pot look great, but will also take your growing ability to the next level. Whether you choose to tackle them all, or just add one to your weekend to-do list, I guarantee it will be a significant refresh and a rewarding result. The following content also has some reference value for raised garden beds.

Want to see these steps in action? Check out our latest Instagram video of me decorating a few beds for an upcoming home feature in beautiful Santa Ynez, California. Let us know in the comments which one you'd pick first - let's grow together!

raised garden bed

1. Creatures in cages

Intruders are inevitable, whether it's your own pets or other strange creatures. Protect plants from digging by adding a customizable top to the raised bed. Depending on your space, styles can range from LIDS that use door hinges to lift to garden sliding screen doors with less perimeter. Use a 1/2-inch, 19-gauge wire mesh to let valuable pollinators in while keeping naughty rats out.

2. Dye styling

Add a little glamour to your garden by dyeing your bed to match your home style. There are many non-toxic, environmentally friendly stains on the market that can quickly change the look of your garden by using a powerful sprayer that gets the job done quickly and evenly. Go bold with black or emerald green, which really makes plants green and flowers bloom.

3. Special grids

Ditch the store-bought plastic trellises and customize them with a few bamboo poles and string. The sky is the limit, really! Growth is the best way to maximize your garden space, and you can create a lot of styles, from A-frames to plate cages - just make sure to master square tying knots for extra sturdy support.

4. Plant with purpose

Growing in pairs is nothing new, but by planning your plant choices, you can increase your harvest while preventing pests and diseases. Use low-growing herbs or light green plants with shallow roots to help the soil cover and retain moisture. Try scallions and calendula, which can be squeezed tightly between other vegetables to prevent invasion of harmful bacteria.

raised garden bed

5. Smart sprays

Replace traditional drip irrigation; We have an extension package that waters plants more efficiently and allows you to customize the planting area each season. The microsprays can be attached to traditional droppers by poking a hole in the trunk and then using a smaller tube to deliver water where it is needed most - to the plant's roots. The sprinkler heads can be adjusted to a larger spray mode or turned off completely, allowing you to increase watering to a specific area or season as needed.

October 23, 2023

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