When gardening in spring, we will also encounter some problems. Here are five common problems we will encounter, which are also common in raised garden bed planting.

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Can you cut off perennial plants in spring?

Some perennial plants mainly benefit from frequent harvesting during the summer growing season, but the most important cleaning work takes place in autumn and spring.

Other perennials prefer to prune quickly before winter, so that they can start working in spring without being hindered by growth last year.

What should I add to my garden soil in spring?

Use wood chips, leaves, hay, straw, or bark to cover the perimeter of the plant with at least 2 inches of organic material per year.

If necessary, cover crops and turn them into soil in spring.

What fertilizer do you apply in spring?

The recommended amount of fertilizer for spring is 1 pound of nitrogen (N) per 1000 square feet.

raised garden bed

The different mixtures and articles determine the duration of application, the amount to be applied and how to use (particles or liquids).

When should I clean my flower bed in spring?

Cutting dead plant stems prematurely in the spring may disturb them before they have an opportunity to appear. Clean up your spring garden as long as possible.
Ideally, you can wait until the daytime temperature stabilizes above 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

5. What vegetables do you want to grow in early spring?
Snow beans, lettuce, cabbage, radish, orchid


In summary, spring gardening is to assess winter damage, repair equipment, fill landscape gaps, care for lawns, conduct necessary pruning, make new beds, plant bare roots or container plants, feed all plants, and start composting.
Spring gardening is important because plants begin to grow in spring because of their natural and seasonal growth. With the arrival of spring, the temperature and humidity increase. In addition to longer sunshine, it also creates favorable growth conditions for plants and trees.

December 07, 2022

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