This is the second part. Let's continue talking about flowers in the garden that look like sunflowers. The following content also has some reference value for raising garden beds.The following content also has some reference value for raised garden beds.

1 Purple sunflower

Purple flowers give the garden a sense of calm and dilute the areas of yellow, orange, and red flowers. Here, we include two members of the compositae family and another species that you may already be familiar with.

2 Autumn Asterisk

In recent years, pitcher plants with long leaves have become very popular among perennial gardeners. This pale purple flowering plant in the composite family grows to 2 feet tall and 3 feet wide. It blooms in autumn, hence the name "Aster of Autumn".

Because it tends to gather and pile up during its growth, the guide recommends pruning it in June to prepare for autumn flowering. This plant supports local bees and helps restore and protect ecosystems.

3 Echinacea purpura

Echinacea purpura is another medicinal plant that looks much like sunflowers. It has a radial arrangement of petals, clustered in a dark brown center. Like its cousin Echinacea, Echinacea likes well drained silty soil. It sows its own seeds and grows to a height of 5 feet in the 3-9 zone.

On the prairie, the purple echinacea is a beautiful scenery line. This is a good choice for vanilla or cottage gardens, where it can stretch up to 3 feet.

4 Swan River Daisy

Brachyscome iberidifolia is a purple plant in the daisy family that grows to 1.5 feet tall. Lavender and lavender flowers bloom from spring to autumn and can work well in almost any bed

Swan River daisies prefer USDA Zone 2-11, where they are perennial plants. These flowers are very small, like miniature sunflowers that are only 1 inch wide. This is a good choice for gardeners who like the smaller and more compact appearance of sunflowers.

5 Red sunflowers look very similar

Since red is a color that many gardeners like to blend into their gardens, we must look at several varieties. These flowers have the same radial appearance and can function like sunflowers in a garden.

6 Round leaf titmouse

Roundleaf primrose is a lovely red flower that grows from 3 to 8 feet tall and is distributed a few feet wide. These flowers are very suitable for the tropical regions of the 9-11 zone. They like poor soil and partial sunlight to ample sunlight. This low maintenance factory doesn't need much water.

From summer to autumn, red daisy flowers bloom on high tree trunks. They are very suitable for vegetable gardens because they attract the beneficial pollinators on which many plants rely. In their hardy areas, they are considered wild. They like well drained soil and ample sunlight.

7 Barberton daisy

Gerbera is a lovely plant with red flowers that look like sunflowers. These are low maintenance plants that prefer full sunlight rather than partial shade. They are tufted young perennial plants.

Their red flowers can have a diameter of up to four inches. In some regions, the plant blooms all year round, while in others, the daisy blooms from summer until autumn. They have feathery, spoon shaped leaves and look cute all year round. They are annual.

8 White sunflowers look very similar

Like purple, white flowers can help the garden by desalinating the design, giving the eyes a place to rest amid all the energy. We even included a short ground cover plant with sunflower like appeal!garden bed

9 Mexican Daisy

Mexican daisy is a perennial plant that likes to grow its skin. It produces a large number of small white to pale pink flowers, reminiscent of the ultimate mini sunflower. If you have a child who wants sunflowers as their toy house, this is a good choice!

Although it is more commonly used as a shrubby ground cover in warm climates, it can also play a significant role in container gardens.

10 Mother chrysanthemum

Mylabris alba is a thriving shrub daisy with a yellow center and white petals that can grow up to 3 feet tall. In most places, it is considered a weed, which makes it a major addition to wild flower gardens in the 3-8 cold resistant areas.

It likes plenty of sunlight and well drained soil. Its white petals bloom from spring to summer. However, due to its invasive classification in several states in the United States, it is not the best plant for ranching or ranching.

March 30, 2023

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