The following content also has some reference value for raised garden beds.Now let's continue with the way to grow tomatoes.

8. Tomato support concept: barbed wire

The chain link fence provides solid support for climbing tomato vines. In the early stages of growth, you may need to pass the stem through the opening of the fence, but the plant will soon pass through the fence's net by itself. Use the existing fence, or set up a fence for tomatoes to climb.


9. Tomato support concept: wooden antenna

This wooden tomato grid reminds people of the old TV antenna, which is a good way to add style to your garden and support tomatoes. Ten angled arms extend from the central support column. The upright pile connects the arms to increase strength. If you have a family orchard, you can repeat the design by training vines, apple trees or pear trees into similar shapes.

10. Tomato support concept: inclined wire mesh panel

Two metal wire mesh panels which are close to each other provide a tomato support structure for rapid assembly of multiple tomato plants. Plant tomato vines at the bottom of each panel. Clamp the tops together or wire them together to maintain stability. When the garden needs to be cleaned, the panel can be laid flat to save storage space.

11. Tomato support concept: hemp rope grid

If your space is limited, try using a twine grid, such as in this brick bed planter next to the porch. Attach the lower end of the rope to the stake that is driven into the ground. Insert the screw eye into the elevated beam or soffit. Tightly tighten the rope between the ground pile and the screw hole. Tie the main stem to the rope to help the tomato plant climb the hemp rope.

12. Tomato support concept: obelisk

Plant tomatoes on the obelisk of the conical decorative garden support to add formal flavor to your garden. This charming kitchen garden uses four matching tomato obelisks on a central raised bed to create balance and add drama.

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13. Tomato planting concept: container garden

Decorative flower pots are very suitable for growing tomatoes on the terrace, balcony or terrace. If you use large containers, such as half a whisky barrel, almost any type of tomato can be used. If you are planting plants in smaller pots with a diameter of 10 or 12 inches, choose a dwarf variety. " Patio ',' WindowBoxRomaHybrid 'and' BushEarlyGirlHybrid 'are all less than 2 feet tall, making them a good choice for containers.

14. Tomato planting concept: combine with herbs

Use your imagination to design interesting and attractive containers to grow tomatoes. These wooden boxes are lined with landscape fabrics to prevent potted soil from sifting out of the slats. Try to plant basil and tomato in the same container to get a wonderful Mediterranean food combination.

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15. Tomato planting concept: basket

Plant tomatoes in a basket and avoid bending over to look after them. ' TumblerHybrid 'is specially cultivated for hanging on laminated plants, which is very suitable for hanging baskets. Other small varieties suitable for planting in containers will also hang down once they bear full fruits.

December 01, 2022

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