Let's talk about cilantro's companion plants, whether you grow them in a garden bed or somewhere else, that will work for you.

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Coriander is the name of the leaf and stem of a plant, while coriander is the name of its dried seed. This is a plant suitable for cool climate, easy to plant, and also happens to be a good companion plant. You can plant coriander in sunny areas and places with loose soil and good drainage, but you can help it grow through appropriate companion plants.

There are many reasons why you should try planting with each plant.

Companion planting is not aimed at one plant, but they can benefit each other and provide nitrogen for the soil.

Some of the best companion plants to grow with coriander are tomatoes, leafy vegetables, fennel, potatoes, zinnia, dill, sunflowers, and lupin. Coriander is a perfect companion for many garden plants, but it is not effective to plant it together with rosemary, lavender and fennel.

Some plants are not good neighbors to each other. Planting them together will hinder their growth or make them vulnerable to harmful pests.

The process of selecting companion plants is trial and error. Any ideal plant you choose for coriander must have the same nutritional and planting requirements so that they do not compete with each other.

It's interesting to try different plants and see which ones work, but we have a list of companion plants suitable for coriander.

You can do many wonderful things with coriander in the kitchen, so planting coriander in your garden can ensure that you can get fresh coriander every time you need it. Soil and flower fragrance can also prevent some pests in the garden.

The following is a list of excellent companion plants for coriander.

1. Tomatoes

It is mutually beneficial for them to grow coriander and tomato together. Caraway helps improve the flavor of tomatoes and protects them from Colorado potato beetles.

In turn, tomatoes can grow tall in summer and provide shade for your coriander plants. These two plants not only grow well together, but also look good together, and can benefit other plants nearby.

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2. Basil

Basil is a very popular herb and works well with many vegetables and herbs. It is a water loving herb, so it will be very effective when planted near coriander. Like basil, coriander is a cold resistant annual herb, so you can plant them together in a herb garden container, which is very easy to water and care.

3. Octagon

Fennel may not be a well-known herb, but it's great to plant fennel in your garden and match it with coriander. Planting fennel near coriander can help fennel seeds germinate faster and more effectively. Fennel and coriander together can help prevent some insects from eating fruits in your garden.

4. Beans

Everyone needs to plant some legumes in their garden, from beans to sugar peas. Coriander is suitable for any kind of beans, because they provide nitrogen to the soil and help coriander grow.

5. Dill

Dill is another herb, which is a perfect companion plant for coriander. You should plant coriander and dill together to naturally increase pest control in the garden. Dill has umbrella shaped flowers, which can usually attract beneficial insects to your coriander and garden.

6. Potatoes

Caraway can help protect your crops from damage and disease by helping to ward off some of the potato pests. Predatory insects attracted by coriander can prey on potato Colorado beetles rather than help protect your potatoes from them.

7. Green leafy vegetables

If you already have a vegetable garden, you can simply plant coriander with them. The flowers of coriander can attract beneficial insects such as ladybirds, lacewings, aphids and parasitic wasps, which in turn can prey on harmful pests attracted by vegetables.

Some of the best leafy vegetables grown with coriander are spinach, lettuce, kale, cabbage and turnip.

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8. Snow Balls

Sweet Alyssum is used with many herbs, and coriander is one of them. This flowering plant can attract beneficial insects such as ladybirds, which can help feed on aphids, thus keeping them away from coriander.

9. Sunflower

Sunflower is also a good companion, but the varieties most suitable for matching coriander are red velvet, Italian white and lemon queen. Sunflower looks good with caraway leaves.

10. Luping

If you are looking for another soil nitrogen fixing plant, lupin is your best choice. Lupin is a leguminous plant belonging to the peanut family. It is a perfect companion plant for lupin, and you can also include other brassica plants.

Plants that cannot be planted near coriander:

Coriander is a good plant in your garden, but you must consider its requirements when selecting companion plants for it. The root system of coriander is shallow, so it is best to match with plants like it that like water.

See below some plants that are not suitable for matching coriander.

1. Rosemary

Rosemary is an easy to plant herb, which is worth planting in your garden, but it doesn't work well with coriander. Rosemary likes sandy soil with more soil, while coriander likes soil with more water. Planting them together will make them compete for nutrition.

2. Fennel

Fennel does not work well with most vegetables. Although it is good for most herbs, it also hinders the growth of coriander. It is better to keep fennel away from coriander, because it will secrete a substance that can hinder the growth of coriander.

3. Lavender

Lavender likes sandy soil rather than regular watering, so they have poor effect on the growth of lavender.

December 13, 2022

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